Re: workaround for underlined links

In CSS2 you can do the following:

a[name] { /*some other style*/ }
a[href] { /*some style*/ }

But I am not sure that Amaya implements CSS2 selectors yet.

Note also that the order is significant - if the a element is both a link and
a named anchor, it will get the last declared style winning out in the
cascade. So if the above example is used to give different values for the
same properties, it will not be clear that a link is also an anchor. Of
course if the properties are different it will be perfectly clear ;-)

Actually, to see targets in Amaya you can use the "show targets" option in
the Views menu. This could almost be done in CSS2 using the :before
pseudo-elements, except that can't be used to include an image as far as I

Charles McCN

On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, John Russell wrote:

  Since within CSS the value A refers to both type of anchors,
  it is NOT the one to use to underline hyperlinks ------
   LINK { color: blue; text-decoration:underline} 
   ACTIVE { color: red; text-decoration:underline} 
   VISITED { color: navy; text-decoration:underline} 
  to do the job of underlining links to make them more visible.
  John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
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