height declaration

the attached html file illustrates a problem in definition
 of defaults and priorities while setting table dimensions......
if a table has no height= attribute, height is computed  by browser
if a table declares height=   then ????

Most browsers will check setting against needed and use
    the maximum of the two......
Amaya uses the height setting to be consistent with
    the img height attribute which clips image to the speced height
    but this leaves problems as shown in attached file .....

If there is no spec on how to handle this conflict,  it is easy
enough to err in favor of the user by:
a] setting height to default value
b] resetting height if height= attribute used
c] computing what is needed to prevent outside of border material
   (this routine is already there for no height speced)
d] comparing needed to height 
e] using the maximum of the two values  NEEDED and HEIGHT
this routine would work whether or not height was speced.  
and would prevent out of box messages in most cases!

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
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