Re: [Q] Amaya Build on win32 platform

> Dear Amaya team.
> We have some problem with Amaya build on win32 platform.
> I've got amaya-src-3.2.tar.gz on late July 7 from your site.
> Compiled at win98(and winNT4.0) with amaya.dsw in Amaya\Windows directory.
> However, there were no projects when opening it with visual C 6.0.
> I guessed something wrong with this file and visual C 6.0. something about version mismatch.
> To find out some clue, I opened README.amaya in Amaya directory. found some clue at
> With this page's hints, I did every trial, however, I finally failed in building Amaya.
> So,
> =================================================
> give us the way building Amaya on win32 platform.
> =================================================

I suggest you to take the last source file

I guess you omitted to generate compilers and compile amaya schemas first. 
This step is
absolutely necessary. It generates .h and .c files used by amaya.


Received on Thursday, 24 August 2000 11:58:23 UTC