Re: Image Alignment ignored

> Hello,
> Amaya 3.2 is ignoring the alignment attribute for the image tag.  I've seen
> reports for this bug in the archives dating back as far as June 30, 1997 and
> as recently as April 16, 1999 with v1.4a.  Has this problem been deemed
> unimportant and therefore a very low priority?  With all due respect, IMHO,
> as long as basic rendering errors like this occur, I don't understand how
> Amaya can have much value.
> respectfully,
> Steve Antonio

I guess you're speaking about the horizontal alignment which should interpreted
as the CSS property float.
The interpretation of this rule implies a lot of work and I didn't find the 
time for
doing it yet. It's not a low priority but it's hard to implement in a generic 

Received on Thursday, 13 July 2000 06:35:44 UTC