Re: What's wrong with names that end in /?

> How would Amaya know what your server has set for a default or index

The server knows - the client doesn't. The only thing the client can see
is that "foo/" is different from "foo/bar.html" - it has no idea what the
difference means.

Therefore, the server should do the mapping and it should be ok for the
client to PUT to something ending in "/" (if the rest of the PUT is valid,
accepted etc.)

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen

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> Does
>     mean
>   or
>    or
>    or
> etc.  The server doesn't automatically change the directory-based URI to
> full file URI on a PUT command.  Right?  I mean, wouldn't the PUT
> have to respond with the index.html part of the URI for this to work the
> you're suggesting in Amaya?
> Is this some kind of a trick question?  DC clearly knows what he's
doing, so
> there's something I'm not picking up in his question.

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