Jamaya [Repost with word wrap] (was: RE: Hello All & an Amaya problem!)

An Amaya-like html editor/browser, written in Java, sounds
like an interesting project. Edward's idea of porting libwww
might be a useful exercise, but to reproduce Amaya's user
interface, a fresh code base might be more efficient for
several reasons: 

First, Amaya's architecture is complex, including layers such
as Thot and some intermediate languages. Some of this may
duplicate functionality already present in the Java language
and libraries. So we might glean some Amaya design details
from its source code, rather than planning a straight port. 

Second, the w3c Amaya team have considered Java and concluded
that it would be inappropriate for Amaya. Their reasons have
been posted here a few times, and are available via a search
for "Java" in the archives of both Amaya mailing lists
(www-amaya and www-amaya-dev). 

One caveat is whether any Java-based browser can offer
adequate performance? Java 1.3 is reputedly much improved in
client-side speed, so we might test the latest versions of
Jazilla (a Java port of Netscape's Mozilla), and Sun's own
HotJava browser, to check real-world performance. 

I'd be interested in designing an initial proof-of-concept
demo in Java, targeting key Amaya features such as integrated
editor/browser, and multiple views. As an initial shortcut to
porting libwww, I'd propose to write JNI wrapper functions for 
testing access from Java. 

Any comments from the Amaya team, or from other interested

Marc Rubin

At 01:20 PM 9/14/2000 -0400, Edward Muller wrote:
>I don't know of any single consoliated, open source .jar file 
>that would provide all of the functionality of libwww... 
>...my real goal, when I started thinking about this, was to 
>port amaya to java... 
>Anyway what does everyone think? 

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