Re: underlined vs. blue links

Actually, the user can decide, through changing their amya.css file. THe
trick is to provide an easier interface for them to do this.

Charles McCN

On Wed, 5 Jul 2000, Karl-Michael Schneider wrote:

  The W3C help page says that "Links are usually displayed in blue (or underlined
  on monochrome displays)." I'm running Amaya on a remote Linux host with a color
  graphics card and let it display on my monchrome SUN monitor. Of course, links
  are not displayed underlined, and on a monochrome display, blue looks almost
  identical to black. After some fiddling around with the color settings, a found
  DarkGrey2 an acceptible color for text, so I can distinguish normal text from
  It would be a good idea to let the user decide whether links are displayed
  in blue or underlined (or in any other color).

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