A serious problem

A major problem that I forgot to mention is that if
you have a startup screen that is on the net, you
can get into difficulties if there is ISP service problems.
The toolbar with the STOP icon is not displayed immediately
so can't be used to 'break out' of the search.....
At other times even when displayed , the stop icon doesnt 
   activate a breakout.....
An easy test is to remove the cable modem plug from the 
computer and then fire up amaya --- note no stop icon!!!!

Also set your color display to 256 colors and look at 
Welcome to Amaya page and the w3.org site ......
these types of colors are not exhibited with any other 
browser so i think there is a bit more color work to do!

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
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Received on Tuesday, 4 July 2000 16:38:38 UTC