Re: Amaya spell checker

> I have just been spell checking two documents with Amaya, and there are a
> few things I hope can be fixed in future releases.
> First, there is no "skip without adding to dictionary" item, which would

The first button "Search/Skip" does that.

> be desirable (having an "oops, go back" button would also be useful). 

You can undo (Ctrl Z) the replace, but the Undo doesn't remove an
entry added into the dictionary.

> Second, the dictionary is very sparse. It lacks W3C, URI, P3P, Amaya.... a
> number of terms. Maybe the W3C should generate a list of its own
> abbreviations and technologies and put that into the dictionary?

That's a good idea. I'll do that.

> Third, when it is done with the document, it gives an error message saying
> "can't find that word", instead of "end of document" or something
> similar. This is very confusing.  

I understand your trouble, but the end of the search could be the top of the 
(Before selection) the end of an element (witihn selection).
I'll see how to imporve that interface.

Thank for the report

Received on Thursday, 6 July 2000 03:39:47 UTC