Re: Amaya for Macintosh

Hello Bruce,

In our previous episode, Bruce Bailey said:
> 1)  Will Amaya be available for the Apple Macintosh PPC?

The answer is the same as before. We don't have enough manpower in the
Amaya team to start porting Amaya to a new platform. If this happens, it
must take place as an external contribution. Of course, we can share our
expertise if someone is interested in this project.
> 1a) Has anyone tried the Unix version of Amaya on an OS X system?  (FYI, OS
> X is Apple's (latest and actually shipping) next generation operating
> system.  It has an Unix kernel.)

If it supports gcc, X11,  and the auto tools family, it'd be possible to
compile it. There's an Amaya version for Linux/PPC out there.
> 1b) I know just enough C (but precious little C++) to be dangerously naive,
> but couldn't the source code be recompiled for the Mac using Metrowerks (or
> whatever) relatively easily?  I am sure that this is a non-trivial
> endeavor -- with source code in excess of 4 MB (compressed)!  Still, one of
> the main features of C is its portability...

Same answer as above :)

> 2)  Speaking of portability, why isn't Amaya written with Java?

Mostly because of problems of portability and performance. The language
choice was made at the beginning of the project. 


Received on Wednesday, 26 July 2000 05:21:38 UTC