Re: Amaya bug report

> hi,
> I've just found out about a couple of bugs in the latest 3.2 release of 
> Amaya. First off is the CSS property "background-color" that is not 
> taken into account on the Windows version. Also the colour 

The Amaya Welcome page uses the CSS property "background-color" and it works.
Could you point me to the erroneous page.

> rendering on a "border" CSS property is not correct, as you could 
> see on the amaya index page (light green instead of light pink). The 
> corners of the frame drawn with the "border" property are not 
> presented properly and have gaps on the extremities. All of this for 
> the Windows version, fine with the Linux one.

I don't see the index page

> But the major bug I found out is when creating polygon areas for 
> maps. When you choose Types > Areas > Polygon, the image on 
> which the map will be applied is covered by a filled layer on top of 

Right. I'll fix it as soon as possible. It was due to the recent change on the 

> it. It makes the drawing of the area pretty tough, although the 
> opaque layer disappears once the object is drawn and the change 
> of its coordinates is feasible with the Crt+button thingy. But if you 
> try on another area then after, the previous areas are covered by 
> the image (even with the "Show Area" function on) for "Circle" and 
> "Rectange", or by the same opaque layer for "Polygon". This latter 
> bug was not present in the 3.1 release as far as I know and it is 
> present in both the Windows and Linux release.
> Antoine


Received on Thursday, 17 August 2000 08:36:25 UTC