error and Amaya on Linux


I am running YellowDog Linux (kernel 2.2.6-16bpmac) on a PowerPC 603e
chip.  I obtained, configured, compiled, and installed LessTif (v 0.91)
without incident.  I then obtained the source code for Amaya
(amaya-src-3.1.tar.gz).  I followed the directions outlined in the
README.amaya.  The configure, compile, and install seemed to go without
incident.  However, when I attempted to run Amaya, I got the following

 amaya: error in loading shared libraries: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

I checked the Options file used during the make only to find that all
necessary paths were correct.  The LessTif install designated as a link to  As a test, I copied the actual
file as but I still encountered the above error.   Please
note that this dependency error also kept me from installing a
precompiled version of Amaya 2.1 from an rpm.

Am I doing something wrong?  Any help is appreciated.


Received on Wednesday, 5 July 2000 03:01:24 UTC