Re: Question about multiple key strikes for certain characters

Hello Kyle,

It seems that the multikey feature is enabled in your copy of Amaya. 
Multikey is useful when you want to type letters with accents. For example,
you would type "'" then "e" to have a e' (imagine that that is really
an acute e).

Go to the Special/Preferences/General menu and turn off the Enable
multi-key option. If this option is already turned off, then it's a
different kind of error!


In our previous episode, KWFC Radio said:
> Not that it is a real problem, but why is it that I have to hit the key 
> twice to produce the characters: ' " * ^ ` ~
> Its more of an annoyance than anything, primarily because I find myself 
> adding two characters now when I am typing a document outside of Amaya.

Received on Friday, 7 July 2000 08:59:23 UTC