Re: What's wrong with names that end in /?


I hadn't been able to reply to this track as I was away for holidays.

Up to now, when Amaya is saving to a URL that finishes in "/", it'll
concatenate a default document name. By default, this name is "Overview.html",
but it can be changed by the user thru the Special/Preferences/Publishing 

The reason for having this name is that not all PUT scripts support having
a PUT to a "/" URL. Our workaround has been to let you set up the default
document name for "/".

I'll try to change this so that you can have Amaya save directly to "/" and,
if your server doesn't support it, then warn the user that he needs to set up
a default document name in the Publishin menu. This way, we'll be able to
have the nice, cool and correct way, and a backward compatibility to older


> (or the
> Is the point that whether or not a document can be saved to a URL ending with
> a / is a server decision, and Amaya should attempt it and then report a
> server-side error (if necessary), not refuse point-blank to try?

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