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RE: Presentation on Page Authoring Guidelines 19980918 (URL changes) Harvey Bingham (Tuesday, 29 September)

The Difficulty of Talking About Accessibility for the * Kynn Bartlett (Tuesday, 29 September)

Global Learn Day II rhal (Thursday, 24 September)

Sign is not symbol (was Re: Symbols/Universal sign) Chris Kreussling (Thursday, 24 September)

Re: Re: Symbols/Universal sign Lovey@aol.com (Thursday, 24 September)

Accessibility metadata (was Re: Linking to binary URLs) Brian Kelly (Thursday, 24 September)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Mencap in N.I. (Wednesday, 23 September)

Linking to binary URLs Brian Kelly (Wednesday, 23 September)

Melbourne Accessibility Day-FYI Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 23 September)

WAI Interest Group Update September 22, 1998 Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 23 September)

accessible sites for demo purposes Francisco Godinho (Tuesday, 22 September)

Presentation on Page Authoring Guidelines 19980918 Harvey Bingham (Tuesday, 22 September)

Re: Symbols Lovey@aol.com (Tuesday, 22 September)

remove from distribution list please Olivia A. Rossetti (Tuesday, 22 September)

Advocate, crusader, or martyr? Chris Kreussling (Tuesday, 22 September)

Symbols Jessica Chaiken (Tuesday, 22 September)

Symbols James Merrill (Tuesday, 22 September)

Re: Frames and links Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 21 September)

Tables vs. Style sheets Nir Dagan (Monday, 21 September)

Chicago Library complaint Al Gilman (Sunday, 20 September)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Lewis Boadle (Saturday, 19 September)

New WAI Page Author Guidelines Working Draft goes to /TR page Judy Brewer (Saturday, 19 September)

Screen reading & audio browsing plugs-ins, etc. Jeff Cochand (Friday, 18 September)

guidelines McCain Tom (Wednesday, 16 September)

Boston WaSP Event: BOF at Web '98 September 23rd, 6-7:30pm B.K. DeLong (Wednesday, 16 September)

PDF and paper William Loughborough (Wednesday, 16 September)

RE: Adobe And TRACE Launch Enhanced PDF Access Via Email Gregg Vanderheiden (Wednesday, 16 September)

DRAFT: WAI Interest Group Update September 15, 1998 Judy Brewer (Tuesday, 15 September)

Is Your Web Site A Secret? launch@launchmaster.com (Thursday, 10 September)

Wall Street Journal article on web accessibility Jamal Mazrui (Wednesday, 9 September)

New version of WAI Page Author Guidelines for WAI IG review Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 9 September)

web accessibility Robert Neff (Wednesday, 9 September)

Java Accessibility Robert Neff (Wednesday, 9 September)

WHAT'S NEW AT DEJA NEWS Deja News Members (Tuesday, 8 September)

Betsie Project Help Request Wayne Myers-Education (Tuesday, 8 September)

Re: (no subject) Daniel Dardailler (Tuesday, 8 September)

Portuguese Web access discussion Francisco Godinho (Sunday, 6 September)

Fwd: Re: Web Access (LONG) B.K. DeLong (Sunday, 6 September)

99 Toyotas as low as 2% over invoice medina@cyberrealm.net (Tuesday, 15 September)

Digital City of San Jose Francisco Godinho (Thursday, 3 September)

Web Earthquake, Source Accessibility, Epicenter Portugal, Phase 0 Francisco Godinho (Thursday, 3 September)

remove me from your distribution please Olivia A. Rossetti (Thursday, 3 September)

Re: Re: Adobe And TRACE Launch Enhanced PDF Access Via Email -Reply -Reply Sheryl Segal (Thursday, 3 September)

Re: Re: Adobe And TRACE Launch Enhanced PDF Access Via Email -Reply Sheryl Segal (Thursday, 3 September)

Usage of PDF Robert Neff (Wednesday, 2 September)

Conference on Disability Issues David Kang (Wednesday, 2 September)

FW: Welcome To E-The People (http://www.e-thepeople.com/) Robert Neff (Wednesday, 2 September)

Netscape Input Dennis Carnine (Wednesday, 2 September)

WAI and i18n (Internationalisation) Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 2 September)

Mailing list Hemelaer Rudy. (Wednesday, 2 September)

WAI and govt contracts Robert Neff (Wednesday, 2 September)

Accessibility and Stylesheets Kynn Bartlett (Tuesday, 1 September)

CHANGE: FrontPage Friends - FrontPage98 Discussions (fwd) David Poehlman (Tuesday, 1 September)

fyi Robert Neff (Tuesday, 1 September)

html authoring tools John T. Whelan (Tuesday, 1 September)

At least they could avoid the acronym WAI T. V. Raman (Monday, 31 August)

Anyoneon the list know about this netscape announcement? Prof Norm Coombs (Monday, 31 August)

Sigtuna Browser Hiroshi Kawamura (Monday, 31 August)

What html authoring tool is best for blind students?????? Prof Norm Coombs (Monday, 31 August)

Adobe And TRACE Launch Enhanced PDF Access Via Email T. V. Raman (Monday, 31 August)

ADVISOR Technical Magazines & Conferences -- Home Page (http://www.advisor.com/ Robert Neff (Monday, 31 August)

ISO-8859-1 and meta-tags, etc Kristopher Walmsley (Thursday, 27 August)

FYI: Lucent Software Develops PC-based Speech Apps Robert Neff (Tuesday, 25 August)

GeoCities Watermark Upgrade (fwd) David Poehlman (Tuesday, 25 August)

Accessibility of forms? Chris Kreussling (Monday, 24 August)

unsubcribe anonymous (Sunday, 23 August)

Emoticons David Suarez de Lis (Friday, 21 August)

fyi Robert Neff (Friday, 21 August)

SAMI Closed Captions are now available for your review (fwd) David Poehlman (Friday, 21 August)

Re: Re: PDF to HTML conversion Lovey@aol.com (Thursday, 20 August)

PDF to HTML conversion John T. Whelan (Thursday, 20 August)

continued - human factor Robert Neff (Wednesday, 19 August)

human factors Robert Neff (Wednesday, 19 August)

universal accessibility John T. Whelan (Wednesday, 19 August)

Using Link Titles to Help Users Predict Where They Are Going Charles (Chuck) Oppermann (Wednesday, 19 August)

re:accessibility is a right William Loughborough (Wednesday, 19 August)

miscinfo William Loughborough (Wednesday, 19 August)

Accessibility is a Right Kynn Bartlett (Wednesday, 19 August)

Re: alt tags no with a twist John T. Whelan (Tuesday, 18 August)

alt tags no with a twist David Poehlman (Tuesday, 18 August)

Bobby 3.0 Beta Jamie Fox (Tuesday, 18 August)

Online Marketing/Business Services plaznon@ggkx.netcom.ca (Monday, 31 August)

Access For Graduate Students With Disabilities Grad Newsletter (Monday, 17 August)

tv on the web videos Robert Neff (Monday, 17 August)

eShare Usability and Accessibility (was: HWG...) Kynn Bartlett (Monday, 17 August)

HWG presents: Designing for Universal Accessibility with HTML 4.0 Ann Navarro (Sunday, 16 August)

Inclusive design: special needs as mainstream HCI Sandra P Foubister (Sunday, 16 August)

Re: hmmm Lovey@aol.com (Sunday, 16 August)

Re: other country laws Portugal Francisco Godinho (Saturday, 15 August)

Protest history Francisco Godinho (Saturday, 15 August)

Video is now on the web!!! Robert Neff (Saturday, 15 August)

fonts size specification Jamie Fox (Friday, 14 August)

hmmm Jamie Fox (Friday, 14 August)

RE: Lynx and frames (gossip) Robert Neff (Thursday, 13 August)

Lynx and frames Rich Caloggero (Thursday, 13 August)

RE: Lotus Notes/Domino accessability QUESTION Rich Caloggero (Thursday, 13 August)

Universal Design (frwd) (fwd) David Poehlman (Thursday, 13 August)

web application accessibility Lila Laux (Thursday, 13 August)

Re: FW: other country laws (fwd) Charles McCathieNevile (Thursday, 13 August)

Lynx 2.8 and frames? Paul Adelson (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: education Lovey@aol.com (Wednesday, 12 August)

education Jamie Fox (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: Macs, anyone? Lovey@aol.com (Wednesday, 12 August)

Macs, anyone? William Loughborough (Wednesday, 12 August)

PWD presentation Robert Neff (Wednesday, 12 August)

Site search engines Ultraseek & AltaVista Paul Adelson (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: other country laws Javier RomaƱach (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: RE: WHAT IS THE POINT! Lovey@aol.com (Tuesday, 11 August)

Web accessibility seminar transcript available Jason White (Tuesday, 11 August)

Mandated Disability Access to Every New Home (fwd) Charles McCathieNevile (Tuesday, 11 August)

(fwd) PRESS RELEASE: HWG Supports Web Standards Project Kynn Bartlett (Monday, 10 August)

Twisties re Notes/Domino karl.hebenstreit@gsa.gov (Monday, 10 August)

comments welcome tom mcCain (Monday, 10 August)

FW: other country laws Robert Neff (Monday, 10 August)

EAI (E-mail Accessibility Initiative) Peter Bosher (Monday, 10 August)

New Web Standards Advocacy Project Patrick Burke (Sunday, 9 August)

With accessibility for all Harvey Bingham (Thursday, 6 August)

More questions about Lotus notes and Domino Rich Caloggero (Thursday, 6 August)

webwatch-l Ten Hazards in Accessible Web Design (fwd) David Poehlman (Wednesday, 5 August)

java, anyone? William Loughborough (Wednesday, 5 August)

Lotus Notes/Domino and accessability by the blind Rich Caloggero (Tuesday, 4 August)

Protocols needs for deployment of accessibility features Brian Kelly (Tuesday, 4 August)

assembling a list Robert Neff (Monday, 3 August)

RE: Preliminary AGI Results: Gregg Vanderheiden (Monday, 3 August)

FW: Accessibility Robert Neff (Monday, 3 August)

bobby 3.0 beta accessability Claus Thoegersen (Saturday, 1 August)

Preliminary AGI Results: Who They Were Kynn Bartlett (Sunday, 2 August)

Preliminary AGI Results: What They Thought Kynn Bartlett (Sunday, 2 August)

Preliminary AGI Results: What They Liked Kynn Bartlett (Sunday, 2 August)

Preliminary AGI Results: What They Want Kynn Bartlett (Sunday, 2 August)

sharing a pwWebSpeak article Robert Neff (Friday, 31 July)

Re: LONGDESC vs D-link (was LONGDESC for OBJECT) Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 31 July)

digest version SAbdulezer@aol.com (Thursday, 30 July)

image maps with OBJECT Nir Dagan (Thursday, 30 July)

My comments on tables vs image maps Nir Dagan (Thursday, 30 July)

SMIL clips Geoff Freed (Thursday, 30 July)

CAST Announces Beta of Bobby 3.0 David Clark (Thursday, 30 July)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> David Clark (Wednesday, 29 July)

Thank you Debbie Somchay (Wednesday, 29 July)

My apologies Lovey@aol.com (Wednesday, 29 July)

WHAT IS THE POINT! Lovey@aol.com (Wednesday, 29 July)

What is the point? Lovey@aol.com (Wednesday, 29 July)

Article Robert Neff (Wednesday, 29 July)

server-side javascript Robert Neff (Tuesday, 28 July)

RE: designing for accessibility -Reply -Reply Robert Neff (Tuesday, 28 July)

Bobby Error Message - How to fix it? Debbie Somchay (Tuesday, 28 July)

RE: Section 508 -Pardon me Sheryl Segal (Tuesday, 28 July)

RE: Section 508 -Reply Sheryl Segal (Tuesday, 28 July)

JFW and WinVision Robert Neff (Tuesday, 28 July)

designing for accessibility Robert Neff (Tuesday, 28 July)

Stylesheet Support for Browsers Weil, T.J. (Tuesday, 28 July)

RE: Section 508 Gregg Vanderheiden (Tuesday, 28 July)

Forw: Accessible Electronic Forms and Employment Daniel Dardailler (Monday, 27 July)

Nir's comments - tables vs imagemaps Charles McCathieNevile (Sunday, 26 July)

The problem with tables Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 24 July)

counters Kristine Bradow (Thursday, 23 July)

Audio Webcast of event profiling WAI Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 22 July)

BBC Websites Update Iain Wilkie Logan (Tuesday, 21 July)

Pop up windows (once more) Nir Dagan (Wednesday, 22 July)

Re3: Accessible web site examples Lloyd G. Rasmussen (Tuesday, 21 July)

Accessible web site examples Lee Davis (Tuesday, 21 July)

mygl Charles McCathieNevile (Tuesday, 21 July)

Pop-ups and new windows Paul Adelson (Monday, 20 July)

Online Marketing factual@nll.se (Sunday, 19 July)

Online Marketing dp3000@cheney.net (Sunday, 19 July)

Online Marketing copa@tlx.com (Sunday, 19 July)

Doctype Skill Zone (Sunday, 19 July)

A new approach to guidelines Charles McCathieNevile (Sunday, 19 July)

top or bottom navigation links Nir Dagan (Sunday, 19 July)

Re: d links Chuck Baslock (Saturday, 18 July)

Secretaries of State and Federal CIO's Waddell, Cynthia (Friday, 17 July)

Summary: Placing Generic Navigation Links Paul Adelson (Friday, 17 July)

FW: d links Robert Neff (Friday, 17 July)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> wertzja@NU.COM (Friday, 17 July)

offline validator / virtual browsers Kristopher Walmsley (Friday, 17 July)

Let's talk... rbutters@gulfaccess.net (Thursday, 16 July)

NIST's web Static Analyzer Robert Neff (Thursday, 16 July)

Placing generic navigation links Paul Adelson (Wednesday, 15 July)

New Australian government site concerned with web accessibility Jason White (Wednesday, 15 July)

How accessible are site-focused search engines? Jamal Mazrui (Tuesday, 14 July)

Site Critique Skill Zone (Saturday, 11 July)

site critiques Skill Zone (Saturday, 11 July)

please remove me from new group BILL BROBST (Tuesday, 7 July)

Re: Section 508 Leonard R. Kasday (Tuesday, 7 July)

remove Leanne Pazzi (Friday, 3 July)

mailing list Paul (Friday, 3 July)

IEEE standard may include accessibility Phill Jenkins (Friday, 3 July)

Accessible HTML slideshows Leonard R. Kasday (Thursday, 2 July)

i-Checker from IBM Japan Phill Jenkins (Wednesday, 1 July)

Web accessibility for people with a learning disability Mencap in N.I. (Wednesday, 1 July)

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