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Global Learn Day II

From: rhal <rhal@msintergate.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 16:49:13 -0700
Message-Id: <199809250017.RAA21969@msi1.msintergate.com>
To: rhal@msintergate.com
First, if you get this message more than once please let me know so I can
get your extra addresses off the list.

There are some details we need to cover in order to make GLD II the most
spectular event to ever hit the net.

Take a look at http://www.msintergate.com/GLDII for an idea of where we're
headed. It's important in any internet presence to maintain a uniformity of
look and feel. For GLD II we want the feeling to last for the full 30 hours.

All content for your port should be sent to me at:

MS Intergate, Inc.
5150 E. La Palma Ave, Suite 213
Anaheim Hills, California 92807

We would really like to have the rawest format possible but will work with
what you have. By raw form we mean VHS or PAL video tapes, hard copy of
graphics or, if you only have them in electronic form in internet standard
.gif or .jpg format, audio tapes or .wav files, etc. We can, and will if
necessary, convert from .rm (Real Media) protocol but it just adds to the
work load and it takes more time.

By now I hope everyone has joined the chat room
( We will model this chat room to follow
GLD around the world and give live interaction and feedback to the event.

Which brings us to the issue of how we handle the "live" phone in
conversations. Rather than run the risk of typhoons and hurricanes and cars
running into telephone poles and knocking out communications just at the
moment we need you on the phone we will arrange a convenient time for you
to conference call through our office. You'll have your port on your
computer monitor and comment on it and discuss it and we'll record that
conversation. Then, we'll compress that audio tape and time it in to the
page so it plays at the appropriate time when your page loads. For GLD
it'll play once and the "live" illusion will be maintained. Later, for
pages that stay online, we'll note that it is a re-play. Cost, time and
risk are greatly reduced this way.

If you have any questions please let me know. I do read all my emails but
please be patient since I may not get back to you immediately if your issue
isn't urgent. You'll be in line and I will reply.

Thanks and nice meeting all of you. Someday we'll do all this in person.

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