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RE: Preliminary AGI Results: What They Want

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RE: 10.  A CD-ROM with Accessibility Software/Information
Microsoft has a great CD with Accessibility info.

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Subject:	Preliminary AGI Results:  What They Want

One of the questions on the third questionnaire for the
HTML Writers Guild's Accessibility Guidelines Implementation
project asked the question, "What would be most useful to
you in learning about accessible page design?"  With 12
respondents so far, here's how the listed options stack up,
in order (from most helpful to least):

 1.  Browsers with better accessibility features
 2.  Examples of Accessible Web Design
     A List of Accessibility Resources
     More Evaluation Tools
 5.  Online Classes on Accessibility
 6.  Accessibility Mailing Lists
     Step-by-Step Accessible Web Design Tutorials
     Better HTML Authoring Tools
 9.  Accessible Web Design Frequently Asked Questions list
10.  A CD-ROM with Accessibility Software/Information
11.  A (printed) Book on Accessibility
12.  Offline Classes on Accessibility
     Other Printed Material on Accessibility
14.  Online Lectures/Chat Sessions on Accessibility
15.  A Magazine/Journal/eZine for Accessible Web Design
16.  A Threaded Discussion Board on Accessibility Topics

When all of the third survey responses have been collected,
these rankings may change slightly, but this can give a rough
idea of what the average web designer considers useful in
approaching the topic of accessible web design.

More information on the AGI project can be found at:


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