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BIONT/BioRDF Telcon Susie M Stephens (Friday, 30 March)

Tutorial Presentation from last week's DIA Clinical Data Mgmt Conference Eric Neumann (Friday, 30 March)

Minutes from March 29 HCLS TC Eric Neumann (Friday, 30 March)

bioGUID Roderic Page (Thursday, 29 March)

URL for Stan Huff's Presentation Slides in todays HCLSIG Telcon Kashyap, Vipul (Thursday, 29 March)

On the subject of user interface for the demo Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 28 March)

HCLSIG TC March 29 Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 28 March)

BioRDF 26 March 2007 conference call minutes Elizabeth Wu (Wednesday, 28 March)

OntologySummit2007 and survey Olivier Bodenreider (Tuesday, 27 March)

AAAI2007's workshop on Semantic e-Science (SeS2007) deadline is extended to April 12 Huajun Chen (Tuesday, 27 March)

Data Conversion & Informal F2F Susie M Stephens (Monday, 26 March)

Neurocommons text mining alpha release Jonathan Rees (Monday, 26 March)

CIA 2007: Submission Deadline Extended to April 20 Matthias Klusch (Monday, 26 March)

Science Commons and the Google Summer of Code Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 23 March)

BIONT/BioRDF Telcon Susie Stephens (Thursday, 22 March)

minutes BioRDF 19 Mar 2007 Eric Prud'hommeaux (Thursday, 22 March)

Minutes HCLS TC 3-22-07 Eric Neumann (Thursday, 22 March)

updated bams model (Thursday, 22 March)

HCLSIG TC March 22 Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 21 March)

Nice example of using MESH, GO for computational prediction Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 21 March)

CFP: Special Issue of Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI): Semantic BioMed Mashup Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 20 March)

relationships between parts, molecules, and cells in BAMS John Barkley (Tuesday, 20 March)

Mapping NeuronDB to MeSH to BAMS Donald Doherty (Tuesday, 20 March)

BAMS and far Donald Doherty (Tuesday, 20 March)

Disagreeing data in NeuronDB Kei Cheung (Monday, 19 March)

MeSH-related issues Olivier Bodenreider (Monday, 19 March)

Will be late for this morning's call Alan Ruttenberg (Monday, 19 March)

bams class style model John Barkley (Monday, 19 March)

AAAI2007's workshop on Semantic e-Science (SeS2007) deadline is approaching Huajun Chen (Monday, 19 March)

2nd CFP: K-CAP 2007 Jeff Z. Pan (Saturday, 17 March)

Final CFP: Workshop on Web Service Composition and Adaptation (WSCA-2007) Jyotishman Pathak (Friday, 16 March)

Goedel's incompleteness theorom? Daniel J McGoldrick (Thursday, 15 March)


updated bams instance style model John Barkley (Thursday, 15 March)

Book Chapter based on Amsterdam F2F Kashyap, Vipul (Thursday, 15 March)

March 15 HCLSig TC Cancelled Hongsermeier, Tonya M.,M.D. (Thursday, 15 March)

PubChem PD & AD candidates for demo Eric Neumann (Tuesday, 13 March)

BAMS names and initial model (instance style) (Tuesday, 13 March)

[HCLSIG Demo] Ontowiki as a GUI, SWAN, Neurocommons (Tuesday, 13 March)

NeuronDB RDF and OWL Kei Cheung (Monday, 12 March)

Another brain connectivity map Alan Ruttenberg (Monday, 12 March)

Deadline Extension: Workshop on Web Service Composition and Adaptation (WSCA-2007) Jyotishman Pathak (Saturday, 10 March)

Deadline Extended: The ESWC Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering (SWESE 2007) Jeff Z. Pan (Friday, 9 March)

HCLS March 8 TC Minutes Donald Doherty (Thursday, 8 March)

BIONT/BioRDF Telcon Susie Stephens (Thursday, 8 March)

Next BIONT/BioRDF Informal F2F Susie Stephens (Thursday, 8 March)

HCLSIG March 8, 2007 TC Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 7 March)

Results of the Face to Face Session on March 5th Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 6 March)

Second CFP: ICLP 2007 Doctoral Consortium ICLP07 publicity (Tuesday, 6 March)

Notes from informal Demo F2F Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 6 March)

Fwd: [Psidev-announce] In Public Comment: Guidelines for the development of Controlled Vocabularies frank gibson (Sunday, 4 March)

[Fwd: Re: cell types, brain regions mentioned in gensat] Kei Cheung (Friday, 2 March)

HCLS March 1 TC Minutes Eric Neumann (Friday, 2 March)

Re: BIONT/BioRDF Informal F2F Susie Stephens (Friday, 2 March)

cell types, brain regions mentioned in gensat Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 2 March)

3/14 Event: The Tortoise vs the Hare - Ontology vs Folksonomy AJ Chen (Friday, 2 March)

Berners-Lee Testimony Before the United States House of Representatives Eric Neumann (Thursday, 1 March)

Deadline Extension - OWLED 2007 Christine Golbreich (Thursday, 1 March)

Chemical taxonomies use case updates (Thursday, 1 March)

HCLSig meeting minutes March 1, 2007 Hongsermeier, Tonya M.,M.D. (Thursday, 1 March)

FW: [OT] good & bad use cases Kashyap, Vipul (Thursday, 1 March)

Check out videos of Semantic Web for HCLS talks at ISWC 2006 Industry Track! Kashyap, Vipul (Thursday, 1 March)

HCLSIG March 1, 2007 TC Eric Neumann (Thursday, 1 March)

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