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Invalid Test Assertions Scott González (Wednesday, 26 June)

Request for agenda topics for 25 June 2013 call Arthur Barstow (Friday, 21 June)

Why is the `touch-action` CSS property needed? James Greene (Thursday, 20 June)

Why doesn't touch-action affect pointerType mouse? Daniel Freedman (Wednesday, 19 June)

No PEWG call on 18 June 2013 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 17 June)

No PEWG call on 11 June 2013 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 10 June)

Fwd: [PointerEvents] Notes from jQuery/Microsoft/Google hangout on Polymer pointer events polyfill Rick Byers (Friday, 7 June)

Adapting polymer pointer events polyfill to work in IE6 Rick Byers (Tuesday, 4 June)

Post-regrets Jacob Rossi (Tuesday, 4 June)

Draft minutes: 4 June 2013 call Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 4 June)

Point Events test submission/approval process on GitHub Matt Brubeck (Tuesday, 4 June)

Draft agenda: 4 June 2013 call Arthur Barstow (Friday, 31 May)

Justification for the touch-action processing model Rick Byers (Thursday, 30 May)

No PEWG call on May 28 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 23 May)

Re: Is touch-action implicitly applied to any elements? Rick Byers (Thursday, 23 May)

No PEWG call on 21 May 2013 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 20 May)

An update on the Chrome team's stance on implementing pointer events in Chrome Rick Byers (Friday, 17 May)

No PEWG call on 14 May 2013 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 13 May)

Call for Implementations: Pointer Events 9-May-2013 Candidate Recommendation Arthur Barstow (Friday, 10 May)

Answers to questions in new points.js polyfill Rick Byers (Wednesday, 8 May)

How to tag a Pointer Events bug as a Candidate Recommendation bug? [Was:Re: ACTION-42: Get a "CR" version created for the Pointer Events CR] Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 8 May)

Draft minutes: 7 May 2013 call Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 7 May)

[Bug 21951] New: [CR] pointermove dispatching when button state changes (Tuesday, 7 May)

Draft agenda: 7 May 2013 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 6 May)

Pointer Events tests from TTFW Seattle [Was: Re: Test the Web Forward Seattle Round-up] Arthur Barstow (Friday, 3 May)

MSPointer implementation only dispatches mousemove when hovering Scott González (Friday, 3 May)

pointermove dispatching when button state changes Scott González (Friday, 3 May)

Re: Transformed Pointer Coordinates? Jet Villegas W3C (Thursday, 2 May)

Pointer Events WG at TPAC in China? Doug Schepers (Wednesday, 1 May)

No call on 30 April 2013 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 29 April)

Impact of pointer capture on pointerover/pointerout events Rick Byers (Friday, 26 April)

Developers confuse the original MS PE submission for the current spec Rick Byers (Thursday, 25 April)

No call on 23 April 2013 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 22 April)

The semantics of touch-action: none. Propose change to touch-action: user Daniel Freedman (Saturday, 20 April)

Updated Disposition of Comments Jacob Rossi (Friday, 19 April)

[Bug 21749] New: Setting a capture on an offshore element (Friday, 19 April)

[Bug 21746] New: Mouse should not be required to have a fixed pointerId of 1 (Thursday, 18 April)

CfC: move tests to GitHub; deadline April 22 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 18 April)

[Bug 21737] New: Spec should lead with examples (Wednesday, 17 April)

Draft minutes: 16 April 2013 call Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 16 April)

Added assertion for pointerenter event LEONG, JENNIFER (Monday, 15 April)

Draft agenda: 16 April 2013 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 15 April)

[Bug 21686] New: Pointer out firing before pointer cancel (Saturday, 13 April)

Issue: Setting a capture on an offshore element François REMY (Saturday, 13 April)

Thoughts on Gestures & pointerList François REMY (Saturday, 13 April)

Capturing Problems Example Konstantinov Sergey (Friday, 12 April)

Draft minutes: 9 April 2013 call Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 9 April)

Draft agenda: 9 April 2013 call Arthur Barstow (Monday, 8 April)

Request to review Web IDL in Pointer Events LC Arthur Barstow (Friday, 5 April)

Test the Web Forward Seattle: Pointer Events Jacob Rossi (Thursday, 4 April)

Feedback on pointer event spec Benoit Marchant (Thursday, 4 April)

Test assertions for Pointer Events (Wednesday, 3 April)

Constructor question and mouseEvents compat Wesley Johnston (Wednesday, 3 April)

Draft minutes: 2 April 2013 call Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 2 April)

Last Call Exit Jacob Rossi (Tuesday, 2 April)

RE: Missing rotation attribute on PointerEvent Asir Vedamuthu Selvasingh (MS OPEN TECH) (Tuesday, 2 April)

Bootstrapping Pointer Events testing for Test Assertions 1.1 and 1.2 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 1 April)

Draft agenda: 2 April 2013 call Arthur Barstow (Monday, 1 April)

Re: Last Call comments Arthur Barstow (Monday, 1 April)

[Bug 21475] New: Flash crash ssl (Monday, 1 April)

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