Re: Request to review Web IDL in Pointer Events LC

On 4/10/13 11:47 PM, Jacob Rossi wrote:
> The primary scenarios for touch-action are handling touch actions on scrollable/zoomable elements and in interactive scenarios like canvas games or SVG, all of which are block level.

Hmm...  <canvas> is certainly not block-level by default.  Do you mean 
that in practice it's always styled as display:block in cases like this?

> I do think extending it to all elements in the future isn't beyond the realm of possibility

That's really hard to do once it's shipping, because then there will be 
people who put it on the wrong elements and depend on it not working 
there, if history is any guide.

As long as the block-level decision was a conscious one, I'm not going 
to argue with it; I just don't have the context to do so intelligently.  ;)


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