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Re: Re: Pointer Events WG at TPAC in China?

From: Sangwhan Moon <smoon@opera.com>
Date: Tue, 07 May 2013 16:53:21 +0900
To: "Rick Byers" <rbyers@google.com>, Scott González <scott.gonzalez@gmail.com>
Cc: public-pointer-events@w3.org, "Doug Schepers" <schepers@w3.org>
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I may be able to attend, but the likeliness isn't extremely high.

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> From: "Scott González" <scott.gonzalez@gmail.com> 
> To: "Rick Byers" <rbyers@google.com> 
> Cc: "Doug Schepers" <schepers@w3.org>, public-pointer-events@w3.org 
> Date: 2013-05-06 21:55 
> Subject: Re: Pointer Events WG at TPAC in China? 
> I can probably attend TPAC as well.
> On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 11:51 AM, Rick Byers < rbyers@google.com> wrote: 
> I would love an opportunity to meet more of the WG members in person.  If TPAC is the right place to do that, then I'd make a serious effort to be there (hard to predict that far in advance, but I'm 80% confident I could make it).  I doubt I'd have any other reason to be at TPAC though, so if other members would prefer to arrange something in a more convenient location, that would be great too. 
> On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 11:38 AM, Doug Schepers < schepers@w3.org> wrote: 
> Hi, Pointer Events WG members- 
> W3C is having its annual Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee (TPAC) f2f meeting in Shenzhen, China, this year, on 18-22 November. This is where most the W3C working groups convene and cross-group discussion happens. 
> We've mentioned this before, but the Pointer Events WG has not yet resolved around this issue. We are trying to gauge attendance, so please let Art and me know if you are or are not likely to be able to attend in the next week or so. 
> Regards- 
> -Doug 

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