Re: Adapting polymer pointer events polyfill to work in IE6

Thanks Rick. That's great news. As I mentioned on the call, we're much
happier using and promoting a generic polyfill than building a
jQuery-specific polyfill. Kris Borchers, who was working on the jQuery
polyfill, has switched gears and is now testing Polymer with our
interactions branch, which will be based on pointer events. Do you want to
set up a conference call to get everyone introduced and discuss how to
start getting older IE support into Polymer?

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 4:08 PM, Rick Byers <> wrote:

> Hey Scott,
> I had a chat with Daniel, and he's open to IE6 support being added to the
> polymer pointer events polyfill.  There are some technical issues to
> resolve, but if you're willing to collaborate on a single codebase (see
> then
> we think the value of working together will definitely outweigh the
> additional complexity, etc.
> We're starting to track improvements (eg. better spec compliance) that we
> want to make to the polyfill in the github issues list here:
>  But it's far enough
> along already to be pretty useful in real-world scenarios.  Feel free to
> file bugs as you find things you'd like to see be improved.
> Rick

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