Re: Capturing Problems Example

On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 11:53 AM, Konstantinov Sergey

> In first, that's not a solution. What if I need the outer div to be
> dragged just by moving pointer without pressing mouse button?

That's not the use case you presented. We can't argue about specific
implementation about infinite possible use cases. Each use case may have a
different solution.

What to do if I want to drag the outer div by two fingers, not one? Two
> different captures on two different elements is a mess, and I seriously
> doubt that developers will find this method obvious.

Where is the code showing how this is easy without pointer capture and a
mess with it? If it's a mess, don't use it. Your concern is that people
will misuse it and it'll break everything. Now your concern is that people
won't use it? This is a convenience API; if it's not convenient for a given
task, don't use it.

> In second, if there is only one correct way to handle the capturing, then
> the capturing API should not allow any other uses.

There was a proposal just now. How about we actually discuss the proposal
instead of continuing to complain about the current API?

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