Re: Last Call comments

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 12:33 PM, Matt Brubeck <> wrote:

> I haven't seen any justification for the pointerID == 1 requirement for
> mouse input.  I agree with Konstantinov that it seems to serve no purpose,
> and I agree with Sangwhan that it provides a redundant and less-clear way
> to handle an already-covered use case.  I'm also worried it encourages a
> misconception that other pointerIDs might have meaning other than as opaque
> identifiers.
> Are there any objections to removing this sentence from section 3.1?
> "If the device producing the event is a mouse, then the pointerId *must*be 1. Device types other than mouse
> *must not* have a pointerId of 1."
>  I have no objection. I believe there were others who didn't object the
last time this was discussed, but I don't think there's a record of who was
included in that group.

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