RE: Added assertion for pointerenter event

I did participate in that event!  You are right; a bunch of participants updated that wiki page.


From: Arthur Barstow
Sent: 4/16/2013 9:00 AM
Cc:; Dave Methvin; Brad Hill
Subject: Re: Added assertion for pointerenter event

Hi Jennifer - thanks for adding this! Did you participate in the Seattle
TTWF event?

All - besides Jennifer, over the weekend (presumably coincidental with
TTWF), a few others (Dave Methvin, Brad Hill, Jason Walsh, Shruti Malugu
and Satyajit Malugu ) also updated the Test Assertion wiki and/or
created some tests e.g. <>,
<> and
<>. So a big thanks
to those folks too! (Sorry but I don't have an e-mail address for Jason,
Shruti or Satyajit.)

(Given several WGs have moved their tests to GitHub
<> e.g. to facilitate test
contributions for non-WG members, we should do the same. I'll start a
separate thread on that topic.)


On 4/15/13 10:56 AM, ext LEONG, JENNIFER wrote:
> Heads up: I just added an assertion 8.2 for the pointerenter event, to
> check for bubbling.

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