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>>> Can you elaborate on how this is 'unusable' without gestures?  I expect consumers to continue to implement gestures in javascript as they have been already for Chrome (eg. hammer.js and other popular libraries).  They seem separate to me, but since no browser has yet shipped with pointer events and without gesture events, this is certainly an area of risk we should watch out for.  Otherwise I take a lot of comfort in the experience that has been gained programming to pointer events in IE10 (eg. I've talked with the Google maps team about their experience - which was generally positive).
>> Okay, look at the hammer.js pointer code:
>> 55 lines of code are just redundant and is used to handle the simpliest things: the number of touches and the positions of touches. And this code will be completely broken if some other script on the page uses the capturing.
> I think it's unfair to point to an abstraction over several event types when that's exactly what Pointer Events is. If Hammer.js was coding over the Pointer Events API and mapping Touch Events to Pointer Events, the code would be very different.

Whether you map Touch Events to Pointer or Pointer to Touch, or event if you write code for PointerEvents alone - you have to count the pointers, to separate single-input from multi-input and to obtain the positions pointers. I could hardly imagine the application which need to work with pointers and doesn't need to do such things.

So these 55 lines of code (usually more - you usually need to dispatch the event streams because generally working with single-input and working with multi-input are completely different tasks which are solved by different modules) is an additional problem that PointerEvents add to developer because the spec doesn't bother about basic developer needs.

>> We are forcing EVERY web-developer to write such code; we (Yandex Maps API team) wrote such code too - just because such simple things are "out of scope" and "we will provide helpers in v2". Meanwhile every single js framework will be forced to write that code.
> Surely that's not true. Most web developers will never write such code. They will simply use someone else's code which already does this.
> Also, what's wrong with iteration? Why is it imperative that v1 contain everything?

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