No call on 30 April 2013

Hi All - I don't think we have sufficient topics to have a call on April 
30 so the next potential date for a call is May 7.

Please continue to use the list for discussions. There are two open 
threads and please follow-up to the original thread:

1. Rick's "Impact of pointer capture on pointerover/pointerout events" 

2. Request for Doug to update the Pointer Events Member Submission so 
that is clear the Submission is now considered obsolete and replaced by 
the WG's spec 

Scott and I need to make GitHub Pull Requests to 
for our Hg test submissions 
I intend to create my PR this week.

This Friday, Doug and I will have a " Director's Call" re transitioning 
the Pointer Events spec to CR. If all goes well, the CR should be 
published on May 9.


Received on Monday, 29 April 2013 16:03:55 UTC