Re: Last Call comments

I find the idea of PointerEvents very exciting and useful even without gestures.

Right now I have to write my own abstraction layer in JavaScript to handle 4 different event models:
- mouse events 
- touch events
- MozTouch events (Firefox 4 - 14 or so)
- MSPointerEvents

That's several hundred lines of tricky code to convert the different models into a common abstraction that I can build my gesture engine against.  And, as it turns out, the common model I chose (long before IE10 previews) ended up being very similar to the pointer events model.  So it will not take much effort to modify my gesture engine to use pointer events instead and just delete all of my code that is abstracting the other models.

So even though V1 is missing a few things (pointer list) and some things are out of scope (gestures), V1 adds a lot of value.

As for gestures specifically, I've yet to find a gesture engine that meets my specific needs.  It is a complex problem and is best kept out of scope of pointer events.  As long as pointer events provide some core capabilities, defining a gesture library can be done separately.


Received on Monday, 8 April 2013 15:24:07 UTC