Re: An update on the Chrome team's stance on implementing pointer events in Chrome

Since we're not having a call today, here's a little more detail on the
implementation progress in Chrome.  See this thread on blink-dev for the
'intent to implement' for pointer events:!msg/blink-dev/K1qk6qZWgIc/P4JkKQDVez0J

We will start landing initial changes to Chromium to support the
touch-action property from pointer events behind the "enable experimental
WebKit features" flag.  This will make it possible to have high-performance
high-fidelity polyfills.  We want to gauge developers reaction to using the
polyfills before committing to having the eventing code in Chrome.

Also, the video for my talk is here (apparently not yet linked from
the URL I provided).


On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 8:50 PM, Rick Byers <> wrote:

> I just discussed our current stance on pointer events in Chrome at Google
> I/O.  Some details and my slides here:
>  This got some good coverage on CNet:
>  The video of my talk should be posted here soon:
> Rick

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