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Draft minutes: 2 April 2013 call

From: Arthur Barstow <art.barstow@nokia.com>
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2013 11:45:58 -0400
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The draft minutes from the April 2 voice conference are available at 
<http://www.w3.org/2013/04/02-pointerevents-minutes.html> and copied below.

WG Members - if you have any comments, corrections, etc., please send 
them to the public-pointer-events mail list before April 9. In the 
absence of any changes, these minutes will be considered approved.

-Thanks, ArtB


[1] http://www.w3.org/


Pointer Events WG Voice Conference

02 Apr 2013



See also: [3]IRC log

[3] http://www.w3.org/2013/04/02-pointerevents-irc


scott_gonzalez, Art_Barstow, Cathy, Matt_Brubeck,
Doug_Schepers, asir, Cathy_Chan, Scott_Gonzαlez,
Asir_Vedamuthu, Jacob_Rossi

Rick_Byers, Olli_Pettay




* [4]Topics
1. [5]Getting started
2. [6]Status of Last Call comment processing
3. [7]Moving Pointer Events spec to Candidate
4. [8]Testing: status, plans
5. [9]Any other Business
* [10]Summary of Action Items

<scribe> ScribeNick: ArtB

<scribe> Scribe: Art

Getting started

AB: I posted a draft agenda yesterday
013AprJun/0003.html. The main subject is to discuss the status
of the LC comment processing.
... any change requests?


Status of Last Call comment processing

AB: Jacob created the comment tracking document
... it appears we have replies from everyone except Mose
Bottacini (#9) and Yandex/Charles (#13-#17).
... Asir followed up with Mose and asked him to reply by April
8. In the absence of any additional feedback from Mose by the
8th, I propose we continue with the group's resolution and not
block on him.
... any concerns Doug?

[12] https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/pointerevents/raw-file/tip/dc.html.

DS: I'm comfortable with that if we can defend it

AB: Jacob replied to him, Asir pinged him again. I think an
additional week should be reasonable
... Rick and I followed up with Charles. Charles indicated in
IRC today that he will ask Sergey to reply.
... Chaals understand we are waiting for him and Yandex to
... anything else on the comment processing?

JR: I would like everyone to please check the Web IDL changes

… I made one change and then committed something different

… Please take a look all

AB: please look at the new IDL changes



… and ask you to reply to the list if you do review

… Want a record that people looked at the change

Moving Pointer Events spec to Candidate Recommendation

AB: when I created the draft agenda, I was hopeful we would
have closed the comment loop with all of the `Commenters` and
thus we would be in a position to determine if we have
consensus to move the spec to CR.
... we aren't quite there yet but might be by next week's call.

Testing: status, plans

AB: any status or news re testing?
... it's a bit tricky to create tests when the implementations
are lacking which is a segue to our next topic ...

Any other Business

AB: any implementation status to share? When can we expect a
Public version of IE that support the standard?

JR: I can't comment on specific release timeframes

… but we are following the spec closely

… and expect to update our implementation to conform to the

AB: anything new Matt re Mozilla?

MB: lots of discussion. Main issue is getting resources to work
on it

AB: any status on the WebKit port

AV: on a weekly basis, we are posting updates

… you can track that on the WebKit forum

AB: do you have an idea when a WebKit-based browser will have
an impl?

AV: I don't have any dates

… Rick might know more

… that is certainly our goal

AB: so in the mean time, use "MS" prefix
... anything else on impl for today?

[ No ]

DS: I talked to some LeapMotion people at SxSW

… they want to make sure it works well with the Web

… LeapMotion is a 3D detector

… I respect JR's comment re z-axis

… There is a lot of buzz/interest re 3D

… Want to know though about the next steps to manage requests
like this?

… Do we have a v2 feature list?

AB: yes, it is at the bottom of the agenda

DS: do we have a timeframe for v2?

… we have a good idea about v1 status

… have we publized the v2 list?

… can we say "it's X-X number of months before we start v2?"

… it will help with our engagement with folks like LeapMotion

… It could help bring them in

JR: I have also talked to Josh from LeapMotion and Bill

… I think our engagement has been useful

… I now have a LM device

… I think a projection of PE onto 3D can be done

… but there are some issues e.g. coordinate mapping

… I think we have done the right things for v1

… that facilitate the experimentation of other devices

… Re timeline for v2, agree a goal would be "noble"

… but I think we really need to finish v1 first

… Don't want to get distracted from finishing v1

DS: how complete is our test suite?

AB: maybe 1%

DS: so let's set a timeline for the test suite

<jrossi21> Work? who does that!?

… can we identify the assertions, what tests are needed

… understand that without impls, it is a bit hard to write

… There is a TestTheWebForward

MB: I can go to that since it is in Seattle


[14] http://testthewebforward.org/events/seattle-2013.html

<jrossi21> I should be there.

DS: would be good if some of us went to that event and asked
for help

… need to know which tests we need

… could get some good tests

… Need to take steps to correct the test definciency

AB: agree it would be useful to tease out specific actions for
the test suite

… FYI, Cathy made good progress on the Test Assertion document

<Cathy> [15]http://www.w3.org/wiki/PointerEvents/TestAssertions

[15] http://www.w3.org/wiki/PointerEvents/TestAssertions

DS: that's great Cathy

AB: can anyone agree to take some assertions and create tests?

JR: I want to get my team involved

… we are committed to contribute

SG: I can help with some of the tests

AB: excellent

DS: can we identify different types of tests?

… f.ex. there is some commonality of pointerdown, pointerdown

… It could help with an event like TTWF

… Need a template that others can follow/use/extend

AV: would be useful to update the TA wiki with coverage and who
is working on what

CC: I still need to do some more work

<asir> Congratulations Cathy!!

AB: could you please give us some status about which parts are
complete and where we have gaps?

CC: yes, I can do that

<jrossi21> this is how Microsoft stress tests touch. Give your
tablet to a 4 year old

<jrossi21> :-)

AB: if people can volunteer for assertions today, that would be

… otherwise, send your TA items to the list

SG: ok; will do

DS: "compatibility tables" say where features are supported

… I have been doing some related automation work

… with WebPlatform.org, want the features' impl status to be

… using a library from CanIUse.com

… working toward taking W3C test suites and report back to test

… I could prototype taking our Impl results and mapping them to
feature stability

AB: everyone please review the TA doc and notify the list when
you identified the TAs you will create tests for

AV: what are the expectations for next call (April 9)?

AB: hopefully, we will be in a position to see if we have
consensus to move to CR

… depends on the reponses from Yandex and Mose

AB: plan on a call on April 9
... meeting adjourned

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]
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