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(RDFa) Heartbeat draft update, and request to editors

[Bug 10625] Spec should cover stopping parsing on location.href = "foo"

[Bug 10712] Drag and Drop: Add an attribute to identify drop targets

[Bug 10754] New: Typo: "occurance" instead of "occurrence".

[Bug 10755] New: Typo: "occurance" instead of "occurrence".

[Bug 10758] New: Typo: "occurance" instead of "occurrence".

[Bug 10761] New: Where is the closing </header> tag in the second 4.4.8 example, "Little green guys with guns"? Confusing.

[Bug 10764] New: hello ddd ssd

[Bug 10798] [Selection] Find a new home for Selection

[Bug 10923] Add an attribute to override UA's validation message

[Bug 10924] New: double negation in "not not the disabled ones"

[Bug 10925] New: double negation in "not not the disabled ones"

[Bug 10926] New: fillText or strokeText behavior needs to preserve readability of text when using maxWidth

[Bug 10927] New: collection of all interactive (actionable, focusable) elements

[Bug 10928] New: Dynamic markup insertion effect on accessibiltiy APIs should be spec'd

[Bug 10929] New: would the <small> element be better handled in CSS?

[Bug 10930] New: CanvasPixelArray out of range behavior needs clarification

[Bug 10931] New: Add details or summary to focus management section

[Bug 10932] New: add area to 7.4.2 Focus management

[Bug 10933] New: add link types that create hyperlinks to 7.4.2 Focus management

[Bug 10934] New: discuss contenteditable interaction with APIs in user agent implementation guide

[Bug 10935] New: consider 10.4 Bindings impact on UAG

[Bug 10936] New: Missing word in "a timed track cue is considered to of a timed track only"

[Bug 10937] New: Add track element to list of elements where itemValue reflects the src attribute.

[Bug 10938] New: Add <textual/> - a visible textual substitute element w/link capability

[Bug 10941] New: Media elements need control-dependent "pause" for presenting lengthy descriptions/captions

[Bug 10944] New: WebSRT seems to too much focus on captions

[Bug 10953] New: Clarify what word the "s" element represents ("s"trike?)

[Bug 10954] New: plain text processing breaks text/plain; format=flowed

[Bug 10956] New: If you were to say: The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) ... should you write it as <dfn>The Business Continuity Institute (<abbr title="The Business Continuity Institute">BCI</abbr>)</dfn> or The Business Continuity Institute (<dfn><abbr title="The

[Bug 10961] New: An example of a correct template document complete with doctype and namespace declarations, etc.

[Bug 10962] New: Change <param> to be dynamic

[Bug 10963] New: Table prohibited from being used as a layout aid

[Bug 10964] New: Canvas needs to support a backing store in the DOM subtree capable of supporting screen reading

[Bug 10965] New: Refer to SVG Integration spec for element and attribute names

[Bug 10966] New: This page kept crashing my Safari browser (v5.02). It happens after a few scroll up/down and clicking on links with combination of back button

[Bug 10967] New: Add @desclink, a description link attr. for any embedded element + figure

[Bug 10969] New: work out fine

[Bug 10970] New: Align HTML+RDFa with Microdata: add support for @cite

[Bug 10971] New: Polyglot publication should be more careful about UTF-16, UTF-16BE and UTF-16LE

[Bug 10986] New: dataset algorithm for deleting names need not throw SYNTAX_ERR

[Bug 10987] New: option and optgroup elements - flow content?

[Bug 10988] New: add slider element

[Bug 10990] New: HTMLFormElement.namedItem missing a case

[Bug 10991] New: Remove HTMLSelectElement name getter

[Bug 10992] New: """while handling the "script" start tag token""" s/start/end/

[Bug 10994] New: accessKeyLabel can expose new information about the user and possibly also other origins

[Bug 10996] New: Hello my name is cool

[Bug 10997] New: add clear indication of whether an element is singleton or open/close

[Bug 10998] New: <cite> element is sometimes used to mark up a reference to a bibliography item, e.g. "<cite>[1]</cite>", "<cite>[RFC2119]</cite>", or "<cite>[Ian2010, Section 1.1]</cite>". Please mention whether this usage is correct or not.

[Bug 10999] New: In the WHATWG Wiki page keyword "PICS-Label" is listed. However, the PICS specification has been superceded by other document according to the referenced W3C Recommendation. Therefore use of http-equiv=PICS-Label should be obsolete, non-conforming, unle

[Bug 11000] New: add xref for "given in the rendering section"

[Bug 11001] New: allow any 'list-style-type' value in <ol type> for i18n support

[Bug 11002] New: author of [SHIFTJIS] should be JISC, not JSA

[Bug 11003] New: Map input type="range" suggestion labels to accessibility APIs

[Bug 11004] New: Add an example of suggestion labels being used and rendered for input type="range"

[Bug 11008] New: testing annotations to see if it appears automatically on the web page. This is like CY Comments that I developed earlier but never released it in the fear of "CYBERLITTERING"

[Bug 11009] New: Hixie: TJs recommds .cgi case: main / / home

[Bug 11010] New: Terms for indexed/named properties in Web IDL changed

[Bug 11011] New: Since Javascript does not support mode specifiers inside the regular expression, there is no simple way of matching a single word case-insensitively besides turning into [Ww][Oo][Rr][Dd]

[Bug 11012] New: Also say that <area>/image maps is an alternative to @longdesc

[Bug 11013] New: Don't honor <meta> pragmas that don't come from the network stream of document.write

[Bug 11016] New: Give the TimedTrackCueList getter operation an identifier

[Bug 11017] New: Decrease heading level for "APIs for the text field selections"

[Bug 11019] New: The interface HTMLTableCellElement should provide a readonly attribute, that returns a NodeList of th elements which have been assigned to a cell via the "algorithm for assigning header cells". Similarly, the interface HTMLTableHeaderCellElement should ha

[Bug 11020] New: Update the style sheet for the W3C copy to set the font-size for <code> elements to 1em.

[Bug 11021] New: Drop UndoManager from the W3C version since it's not mature enough to be called LC.

[Bug 11022] New:

[Bug 11023] New: asfasdfasdf

[Bug 11024] New: asfasdfasdf

[Bug 11026] New: "there must be a space character separating the two" The validator doesn't seem to know about this.

[Bug 11027] New: provide text alternatives for images feedback from Everett Zufelt

[Bug 11028] New: please allow true/false (or some way to have a value but switch the attribute off). this has always been annoying.

[Bug 11030] New: It'll be VERY useful to use getData() in dragenter and similar methods, like Fx does. Not only on drop event

[Bug 11031] New: Reference to non-existent interface HTMLPropertiesCollection

[Bug 11032] New: HTMLPropertiesCollection shouldn't be callable

[Bug 11035] New: Deleted SMS

[Bug 11036] New: Deleted SMS

[Bug 11038] New: The site is very nice, but has significant color contrast issues. Many colors are well below the minimal contrast required by WCAG 2.0.

[Bug 11041] New: h

[Bug 11043] New: a searchbox would be great...

[Bug 11044] New: s/check box/checkbox/ for consistency

[Bug 11045] New: U+0020 does not need to be escaped in srcdoc in XML

[Bug 11046] New: Which kind of data could be passed to this method. Could it be custom data types started with "application/"?

[Bug 11047] New: 321313132131

[Bug 11049] New: ffdh

[Bug 11050] New: hi, the floating red div, has a bad link: is not supposed to link to


[Bug 11052] New: где купит белые женские брюки женские часы gucci ladiesya105514 http://co

[Bug 11053] New: bjbjb

[Bug 11054] New: For complex applications and services there is a need for proper session handling. For example currently you cannot easily implement proper single logout. html5 could help with this. See

[Bug 11055] New: BOM confusion

[Bug 11057] New: doctype about:legacy-compat, t

[Bug 11058] New: xlink elements

[Bug 11059] New: good

[Bug 11060] New: I see a good description for formnovalidate, but not for novalidate. I assume that novalidate exempts an individual input from validation, whereas formnovalidate is used on buttons and applies to the whole form. Is that a correct reading? This should be m

[Bug 11063] New: irena

[Bug 11064] New: unstated requirement to be valid.

[Bug 11065] New: test

[Bug 11066] New: Notice of 'out of date' documentation links to same page

[Bug 11067] New: Provide <form>-agnostic multipart/form-data encoding algorithm

[Bug 11068] New: We should not pause() if the element is removed from a document and then reinserted in the same task, since otherwise that could cause stuttering when moving a video from one frame to another, and would break autoplay when used with innerHTML.

[Bug 11069] New: document.lastModified could use strict ISO 8601

[Bug 11071] New: Table of Contents higher up. Hello, I am reading this document for the first time. It is great to have as a reference, quickly accessible through a bookmark. However, it would be nice to have the table of contents closer to the top of the page. This way I

[Bug 11077] New: asdasd

[Bug 11079] New: hello

[Bug 11080] New: \s\sfc\sdc

[Bug 11081] New: uiyihiuh

[Bug 11082] New: sdsfgfghfghghghfghf

[Bug 11084] New: @open on details should reflect as defaultOpen, for consistency with checked, value, and potentially muted. Then a CSS pseudoclass of :open should be created to match open details elements, similar to :checked.

[Bug 11085] New: Define what "this" value to use for setTimeout(function)

[Bug 11086] New: jhgjhg

[Bug 11087] New: week

[Bug 11088] New: week

[Bug 11089] New: 2233

[Bug 11090] New: Add a note about XSLT-created scripts

[Bug 11091] New: Clarify whether importNode copies the 'already executed' flag

[Bug 11096] New: s element still listed as absent

[Bug 11099] New: clarify that "element's tag name" and "attribute's name" are qualified name

[Bug 11100] New: The example in 8.7.1 has "event.effectAllowed" instead of "event.dataTransfer.effectAllowed"

[Bug 11101] New: When will HTML5 and offline apps be released? In May Google pulled the plug on Docs' offline capabilities, saying that it will "soon" reintroduce it again using HTML5's offline capabilities. Six months later and still not here. This has really messed up

[Bug 11102] New: meta refresh timer should start after onload, according to

[Bug 11105] New: Prevent execution of scripts in documents that don't have a browsing context after 'already started' has been set

[Bug 11106] New: bb

[Bug 11107] New: Make the expected rendering of datetime controls and number controls clearer

[Bug 11108] New: sasasasa

[Bug 11110] New: something boring...

[Bug 11111] New: d

[Bug 11112] New: If the timed track cue writing direction is horizontal, the timed track cue alignment is middle, the timed track cue text position is greater than 50, and direction is 'rtl':Let maximum size be the timed track cue text position multiplied by two. - this

[Bug 11114] New: Please enter your feedback, carefully indicating the title of the section for which you are submitting feedback, quoting the text that's wrong today if appropriate. If you're suggesting a new feature, it's really important to say what the problem you're t

[Bug 11115] New: exactly how are the items in the nested browsing context list to be separated? by spaces, commas? spaces or commas would be consistent with other lists.

[Bug 11116] New: <iframe> and delaying the load event: "When there is an active parser in the iframe" should be corrected to also apply before the parser is created; i.e. to whenever there is content loading in the iframe.

[Bug 11118] New: this is a test message

[Bug 11119] New: this is a test message

[Bug 11120] New: this is a test message

[Bug 11121] New: this is a test message

[Bug 11122] New: this is a test message

[Bug 11124] New: consider reducing verbosity when talking about code points

[Bug 11126] New: <!DOCTYPE html> <head> <title>hoge</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Script-Type" content="text/javascript"> <link rel="styleshee

[Bug 11127] New: tic marks for <input type="range">

[Bug 11129] New: Remove forminput, formchange and related dispatch methods

[Bug 11130] New: Should be allowed wherever <script> is allowed, with or without @scoped.

[Bug 11131] New: Please allow longer comments in this box!

[Bug 11132] New: <html b:version='2' class='v2' dir='ltr'>

[Bug 11133] New: <html b:version='2' class='v2' dir='ltr'>

[Bug 11134] New: Examples show p element inside blockquote element. But can a blockquote element contained flowed content (i.e. no other element at all inside and just plain text)? If it can, the specification should mention why it chooses the former, and if it is a recom

[Bug 11135] New: I want to learn HTML5 can you please suggest where i can get a explain book for HTML5 for free pdf version

[Bug 11136] New: Poster attribute in audio element

[Bug 11137] New: Multiple-email inputs should require no space characters between values

[Bug 11139] New: <video poster> and audio-only media

[Bug 11140] New: Subject: Physical Keys and Gestures for "accesskey" attribute The use of ASCII/Unicode code points for key binding has numerous well-known drawbacks. There are vital physical keyboard keys with no Unicode representation. Even for the main alphabet keys sp

[Bug 11145] New: gdfghdf

[Bug 11146] New: how does that work?

[Bug 11148] New: sion. He also enjoys other pleasures.<

[Bug 11149] New: @-rules in CSS are document-global by default. <style scoped> should specify that @-rules used in it are only available within the single scoped sheet (and any imported sheets).

[Bug 11150] New: Canvas Page cannot contain uppercase letters.

[Bug 11151] New: Canvas Page cannot contain uppercase letters.

[Bug 11152] New: Polyglot spec should mention accessibility

[Bug 11153] New: current editor's draft has broken CSS and misleading redirect

[Bug 11154] New: Microdata is in section 5.

[Bug 11155] New: In the "in column group" insertion mode if we get an EOF, presumably we should stop parsing even if the fake </colgroup> tag was ignored.

[Bug 11156] New: <input type=hidden> should not set frameset-ok to 'not ok'

[Bug 11158] New: вапваы sdfgf gsdf gdfs пвыа

[Bug 11159] New: Minor typo. This is for section "The History interface" - more specifically, for the "traverse the history by a delta2 The typo is in the first part of the sentence in step 6: "Unlo

[Bug 11161] New: form.action, button.formAction and input.formAction IDL attributes should return the document location when the content attribute is the empty string

[Bug 11162] New: This test case alerts 0 in all current released browsers: data:text/html,<!doctype html><script>var el = document.createElement("select"); el.multiple = true; alert(el.size);</script> As it stands, the spec says it should alert 1. While we're in the hab

[Bug 11163] New: The PageTransitionEvent's persisted attribute type is conflicted

[Bug 11165] New: qeqw eww ew we w ew

[Bug 11166] New: <svg><foreignObject><div><frameset> and s/frameset/select/ can cause the insertion mode to be reset with <frameset> and <select> at the top of the stack, so these are no longer fragment-case-only

[Bug 11167] New: <svg><foreignObject><div><frameset> and s/frameset/select/ can cause the insertion mode to be reset with <frameset> and <select> at the top of the stack, so these are no longer fragment-case-only

[Bug 11168] New: Remove WhatWG and references in status section of document

[Bug 11169] New: HTML+RDFa - Infer @content from @datetime on time tag

[Bug 11172] New: wouldn't it be better to return the context handler instead of void, making "context.moveTo(x1,y1).lineTo(x2,y2).lineTo..." possible and easier?

[Bug 11173] New: wouldn't it be better to return the context handler instead of void, making "context.moveTo(x1,y1).lineTo(x2,y2).lineTo..." possible and easier?

[Bug 11177] New: There is no error feedback if the poster URL is invalid.

[Bug 11180] New: rephrase definition of "author" link relation

[Bug 11181] New: link type "external" either not useful or underspecified

[Bug 11182] New: "tag" link relation underspecified

[Bug 11183] New: "sidebar" might not be a proper use of a link relation

[Bug 11184] New: Nope, you are just dreaming about that.

a new tablist element ?

ACTION-188 (was: ACTION-185 (register link relations))

ACTION-188: Check on the status of the request for spec additions

Adding a warning to Working Drafts pointing to Editor's Drafts

Adopting the media accessibility requirements

ARIA mapping status

CfC: Close ISSUE-85 by Amicable Consensus

change of affiliation / resignation as invited expert

Change Proposal for ISSUE-119

Change Proposal ISSUE-118

Change Proposal: Reflect Changes to <param> Elements Live

Close ISSUE-122 (shalott-example) by Amicable Consensus

color contrast feedback on new author view of HTML5 spec,

CP for ISSUE-27 (the rel registry thing)

ECMA TC 39 WebIDL meeting open to W3C members

Executing script-inserted external scripts in insertion order

Fwd: ISSUE-92 The Table description

Fwd: RFC 5988 on Web Linking

getting rid of callers

Heartbeat draft update, and request to editors

i18n comments on Polyglot Markup [issue #4]

i18n Polyglot Markup/attr values (6th issue)

i18n Polyglot Markup/BOM+UTF8 (3rd issue)

i18n Polyglot Markup/in-doc encoding declarations (2nd issue)

i18n Polyglot Markup/xml:lang+lang (5th issue)

ISSUE-118: broken-link-types - Call for counter proposals

ISSUE-122 (shalott-example) - Expanded scope and Call for Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-123 (autofocus): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-124 (rel-limits): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-125 (charset-vs-quotes): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-126 (charset-vs-backslashes): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-127 (link-type-flags): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-128 (figure-in-p): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-129 (aria-mapping): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-32: table-summary - Straw Poll for Objections

ISSUE-41: Decentralized-extensibility - Straw Poll for Objections

ISSUE-74 canvas-accessibility and ISSUE-105 canvas-use

ISSUE-74: canvas-accessibility and ISSUE-105 canvas-usemap - Straw Poll for Objections


Issue-85 (was: ISSUE-129: replace or modify the ARIA section of the HTML5 spec)

ISSUE-89: idioms - Straw Poll for Objections

Media Accessibility User Requirements Published

Missing prose in tables section for tbody-less tables

necessity of extended/enhanced alternatives, WAS Adopting the media accessibility requirements

null change proposal for ISSUE-122: shalott-example

OFFICIAL PROTEST - Current Editor's Draft MUST be a W3C document

outstanding ARIA bugs

question about canvas survey and issue 131

question about canvas survey and issue-131

Request to Revert revision 1.4525

Requesting Spec Text Additions

Review drafts of WAI-ARIA, support documents, and Role Attribute by 29 October 2010

RFC 5988 on Web Linking

suggestion on not providing links to the complete whatwg spec in bugs or html wg emails

User properties (expando) on a form

volunteer needed to raise new HTML5 spec bug proposing general link-relations spec change [was: ACTION-188 (was: ACTION-185 (register link relations))]

W3C Spec Comments Form

What would be the appropriate forum for standardizing the console object?

Working Group Decision on ISSUE-100 srcdoc

Working Group Decision on ISSUE-103 srcdoc-xml-escaping

XHTML attributes vs whitespace

{minutes} HTML WG Telecon 2010-10-14 actions, status of calls, issues and bugs, heartbeat drafts, task force reports

{minutes} HTML WG Telecon 2010-10-28: status of actions, calls, issues, heartbeat drafts, TPAC, Task Force reports

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