Re: i18n comments on Polyglot Markup [issue #4]

> In
> addition, the meta tag may be used in the absence of a BOM as long as
> it matches the already specified encoding. Note that the W3C
> Internationalization (i18n) Group recommends to always include a
> visible encoding declaration in a document, because it helps
> developers, testers, or translation production managers to check the
> encoding of a document visually.

I object to the polyglot markup doc saying that things are permitted when HTML5 says they aren't permitted. HTML5 doesn't permit <meta charset="UTF-16">. If the i18n group wishes to change that, the procedurally proper way is to escalate once it has been WONTFIXed (and I expect it to be WONTFIXed)--not to try to get the polyglot markup doc changed ahead of the spec.

(Of course, I'd prefer to be WONTFIXed and the i18n group not escalating it.)

Henri Sivonen

Received on Monday, 4 October 2010 11:54:02 UTC