Re: ISSUE-128 (figure-in-p): Chairs Solicit Proposals

Sam Ruby wrote:
> 'Authors should be able to use <figure> where <img> can be used'
> Per the decision policy, at this time the chairs would like to solicit
> volunteers to write Change Proposals.

I volunteer to write a Change Proposal.

The current draft of the Change Proposal is at

The proposal will likely be refined between now and November 5th.

As drafted, this change proposal has two major aspects: a less controversial one and a more controversial one.

The less controversial part make the figure start tag token not close an open p element implicitly. This merely makes the HTML5 parsing algorithm align with legacy parsers and makes it possible to use the figure element as a child of p when the content being presented as a figure would work as a child of p (e.g. img, svg or object). Authors would benefit from this part right away.

The more controversial part makes a figure element on the tree builder stack prevent an ancestor p from closing when an element that would otherwise autoclose p appears as a descendant of figure. In other words, figure becomes like button as far as p autoclosing goes. Since legacy parsers don't know about figure at all, this is a novel feature. This feature makes it possible to present any content (including pre and table) as a figure even when figure is a child of p. Authors would benefit from this part once they no longer try to make their pages work in browsers that predate this change.

I invite feedback on these two aspects of the proposal particularly from practicing Web designers.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Tuesday, 5 October 2010 07:08:35 UTC