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[css-compositing] Some feedback on section 7.5

[css-compositing][css4-backgrounds] Updated to the blending and compositing

[css-counter-styles] A few typos and questions

[css-device-adapt] CSS Device Adaptation and Screen Orientation API

[css-display-viewport] Enabling fast layout for web apps via isolation

[css-variables] parse-time error handling in uses of variables

[css-variables] references to "component value"

[CSS21] absolute position with left,top:auto

[CSS21] Does 'clear' apply to caption box?

[CSS21] Does 'clear' apply to caption box? (corrected link)

[CSS21] inline span with clear

[CSS21] The 'clear' property on table wrappers.

[CSS21] Unquoted url() syntax

[css3-animations] steps() timing function sometimes unintuitive

[css3-background] CSS Sprite for border-image-source

[css3-background] unbound background-clip from -origin in background shorthand

[css3-break] Transforms, Positioning, and Pagination

[css3-cascade] 'default' and defining origins precisely

[css3-cascade] Editorial issues.

[css3-cascade] style attribute should override scoped style sheets

[css3-cascade] Stylesheets imported in multiple places

[css3-cascade] Stylesheets imported in multiple places (was: Editorial issues)

[css3-cascade] Update

[css3-color] Editor's draft up-to-date

[css3-color] Issues with edits for currentColor being a computed value

[css3-conditional] @supports "not(" without space

[css3-conditional] Last Call Working Draft for @supports and CSS.supports()

[css3-conditional] RE: Last Call Working Draft of CSS Conditional Rules

[css3-exclusions] issue 15090

[css3-exclusions] issue 15093

[css3-exclusions] issue with shape-outside: url()

[css3-exclusions] issue with shape-outside: url() (ISSUE-296)

[css3-exclusions] Shapes depend on which box?

[css3-flexbox] Bad result in flex algorithm when combining stretch, and elements with an aspect ratio

[css3-flexbox] Children of flex items ignoring cross-axis percentage length

[css3-flexbox] Flexing algorithm and replaced elements (was: [css3-flexbox] Bad result in flex algorithm when combining stretch, and elements with an aspect ratio)

[css3-flexbox] multiline flex orthogonal

[css3-flexbox] Should ::first-line/letter apply to a flex container?

[css3-flexbox] stretch apply to percentage heights WAS: Children of flex items ignoring cross-axis percentage length

[css3-flexbox] stretching items, fixed spacing

[css3-fonts] changing loadFont method

[css3-fonts] updated CSS3 Fonts WD published

[css3-mediaqueries] Parsing: @media all and(color) { ... }

[css3-regions] different events, speed boost when using many regions

[css3-regions] miscellaneous comments (mostly editorial)

[css3-regions] Separating regions markup

[css3-syntax] !important is ASCII case-insensitive

[css3-syntax][css3-cascade] Conflicting definitions of !important

[css3-text] Appendix F not needed

[css3-text] Appendix G not needed

[css3-text] Appendix G: Text Processing Order of Operations

[css3-text] Behavior of text-decoration with differing font sizes, subscript, superscript, etc.

[css3-text] letter-spacing doesn't normatively specify the correct way to apply spacing

[css3-text] line-break needs a normative definition

[css3-text] spacing limits are not interoperable

[css3-text] text-justify needs to be fundamentally rethought

[css3-text] word-break vs line-break

[css3-transitions] Inconsistencies on how the equivalent of some timing functions is described.

[css3-ui][issue] resize doesn't describe actual UA's behavior

[css3-value] calc and child selectors

[css3-value] calc and child selectors (was: Proposal for Touch-Based Animation Scrubbing)

[css3-values] Interaction of vw/vh and scrollbars

[css4-images] url() can reference to SVG paint server

[css4-transforms] Re: Feature request: Non-scalable elements in SVG

[css4-ui] Scrollbar tracking control

[css4-values] Make comma auto-optional in grammars?

[cssom-view] new method, like document.elementFromPoint(), but in the document's coordinate space

[cssom] changes from dom2 style

[CSSWG] Minutes 2012-12-19

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2012-11-28

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2012-12-07

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2012-12-12

[CSSWG][css3-conditional] Last Call Working Draft of CSS Conditional Rules

[CSSWG][css3-writing-modes] Updated WD of CSS Writing Modes Level 3

[mediaqueries4] media query v. unit for "ensure minimum hit target size" use case

[mediaqueries4] pointer: coarse and pannable, zoomable viewports

[selectors] :sorted pseudoclass for HTML

[selectors] An Idea for CSS4 Selectors

[selectors] Case-sensitivity of type and attribute selectors

A proposal to replace 'tab-size' with 'tabstop-widths'

Agenda conf call 05-dec-2012

Agenda conf call 12-dec-2012

Agenda conf call 19-dec-2012

Ambiguities in fill:url() / stroke:url() syntax

Animations issues (was Re: [CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2012-12-12)

case sensitivity and the OM

CSS Animation and Transitions on SVG attributes

CSS issue: Need control of what is perceived by which technologies

CSS needs improvements for handling sentence spacing

CSS.supports and keyframe animations

follow-up on case sensitivity for user-defined identifiers in CSS

Fwd: [CSS21] Unquoted url() syntax

Initial values for widows and orphans

Media feature based on parent width instead of viewport/device width

Non-hacky support for top-and-bottom-only (or left-and-right-only, etc.) drop shadows

Preventing single-letter words at the end of the line

Reliable dynamic animation/transition events

Request for Comments: Proposal for Touch-Based Animation Scrubbing

some case-insensitivity cases to test

Vacation until Jan 8

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