Re: [css3-text] Appendix F not needed

Glenn Adams wrote:

> > Given that the small-kana transform is no longer part of
> > text-transform, I don't think Appendix F, which lists all the
> > small kana codepoints is needed. If a reference is needed, simply
> > point to the 'CJ' character category defined in the Unicode line
> > breaking data. 
> The small kana appendix is referenced by the line-break property
> definition, so it's still needed. Further, the CJ category as
> defined in Unicode 6.2.0 also includes two prolong sound mark
> characters that aren't presently included in the small kana
> enumeration. 

But if the spec refers to Unicode it's not needed. I think it makes
much, much more sense to refer to a Unicode spec for character
properties, both from a maintenance perspective and from a domain
knowledge perspective.  The CSS group should defer to Unicode on these
matters unless there is a very strong reason not to.  Given that UAX
14 has explicitly referred to the line-break property, it makes much
more sense to refer to the 'CJ' class directly.  If we want to quibble
about the exact set of characters included, we should raise an issue
with the Unicode folks and not create our own ad-hoc character classes
unless it's absolutely necessary.


John Daggett

Received on Friday, 7 December 2012 02:31:19 UTC