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[css3-break] Transforms, Positioning, and Pagination

From: fantasai <fantasai.lists@inkedblade.net>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 14:37:33 -0800
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I had an action item to draft text for the resolutions from TPAC here:

Here's the proposed text, with annotations:

   | Fragmentation interacts with layout, and thus occurs <em>before</em>
   | relative positioning [[!CSS21]], transforms [[!CSS3-TRANSFORMS]],
   | and any other graphical effects.

[This takes care of the resolution on relpos and transforms.]

   | However, the separation and transfer of page boxes SHOULD occur last;
   | thus a transformed fragment that spans pages SHOULD
   | be sliced at the page breaks and print in its entirety
   | rather than being clipped by its originating page.

[This is new; I suspect it's necessary to print many pages without dataloss.
I am unsure whether anybody implements it, however.]

   | Absolute positioning affects layout and thus interacts with
   | fragmentation. Both the coordinate system and absolutely-
   | positioned boxes belonging to a containing block fragment
   | across pages in the same fragmentation flow as the containing
   | block.

[This handles the clarifications to how abspos interacts with fragmentation.]

   | UAs are not required to correctly position that span a
   | fragmentation break and whose before edge position depends on
   | where the box's content fragments.
   | UAs with memory constraints that prevent them from manipulating
   | an entire document in memory are not required to correctly
   | position absolutely-positioned elements that end up on a
   | previously-rendered page.

[The first one is hard. The second one is not needed for browsers,
but was a concern for e.g. printer implementations.]

Comments welcome.

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