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2 New INSERT DATA test cases (was: Test case proposal in the context of RV-10: insert-data-same-bnode)

A question regarding the latest SPARQL 1.1 Proposed Recommendation

Action 720: List of unapproved Update tests

ACTION-667: Created initial draft of GSP test suite 'script'

ACTION-687: editorial edits on update

ACTION-716: Add more RIF test cases

ACTION-717: list of GSP tests to approve

ACTION-721: List of entailment tests to approve

ACTION-733: Comment/rmeove unapproved GSP test cases in themanifest

Added SPARQL 1.1 RIF Core Entailment Regime tests

Agenda for today's SPARQL TC

agenda reminder for tomorrow...

aggregate test case typo

Ambiguity between SPARQL 1.1 RDF protocol query via GET and SD retrieval

BINDINGS still in SPARQL1.1 federated query document.

BNode label comparisons for JSON/CSV/TSV result tests

book-keeping & suggesting some PROPOSALs to approve per email

changes on update (ACTION-693 & adding anchors for #operation and #request)

Changes since LC for Update

Closing actions

comment JS-1 clarification

comments JL-6 and TH-1

Deprecation of 'Integer' production in SPARQL 1.1

draft response

Draft response RV-10

draft response to Peter Wharer 2

Entailment test rdfs12

Entailment tests to approve

Error in STRAFTER() example?

Fwd: A question regarding the latest SPARQL 1.1 Proposed Recommendation

Fwd: BINDINGS still in SPARQL1.1 federated query document.

Fwd: possible bug in SPARQL syntax test suite

GSP progress

GSP status / Fuseki

GSP test manifest

GSP test suite

GSP validator and tests

GSP validator and tests: ACTION-496, ACTION-667, ACTION-697

Implement decision on bNodelabel/INSERT DATA operations.

implementation report

LDP - GSP okay

Manually checking entailment tests (ACTION-685) - part1

meeting minutes

minutes from today

Minutes from today and Telco Agenda for the next two week

Minutes in plain text... (since we seem to have lost RRSAGENT in today's call)

More reports and removed at risk notes

Motivation for INSERT DATA syntax

Multipart/mixed usage in GSP test suite.

possible bug in SPARQL syntax test suite

publication status update


query edits (references and mentions)

raw minutes from IRC client

RC-2 resolution

Regrets (TC 6 Nov)

Regrets. Re: SPARQL TC 2012-12-04

Request for packaged test cases

service description changes (ACTION-695)

SPAQRL TC 2012-11-20 agenda

SPARQL 1.1 RIF Entailment regime tests to pass

SPARQL Entailment tests to approve

SPARQL publications done

SPARQL TC 2012-12-04

SPARQL TC SPARQL 2012-11-13 (RE: SPARQL publications done)

SPARQL WG Agenda for tomorrow

SPARQL WG Agenda Items for Tues the 27th of November

SPARQL WG Minutes from Last Week

SPARQL11-overview - editorial change

SWObjects test results

SWObjects test results, now with exciting attachments!!!

Telco Today - late agenda

Test case structure document - status (ACTION-679 & ACTION-688)

Test fixup / basic-update

Test without data?

Today's minutes

Today's SPARQL meeting -- CANCELED

Today's SPARQL meeting -- working session

todays minutes

uniform "changes since LC" sections (Action-707 part 1 ...)

Updated FuXi entailment test results

URGENT SPARQL - please check diffs and changelogs on pubs!

XML Schema Datatypes reference

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