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[IANA #660606] Request for MIME media type Text/Standards Tree - provenance-notation

[PROV-AQ] Editors' working copy updated

[PROV-AQ] Fwd: RFC 6892 on The 'describes' Link Relation Type

[PROV-AQ] ISSUE-428: should we recommend RDF for provenance; define other mimetypes for other serializations?

[PROV-AQ] ISSUE-618: Should pingback be described in PROV-AQ?

[PROV-AQ] ISSUE-632: Should PROV-AQ be renamed

[PROV-AQ] Response to James Anderson

ACTION-122 is complete

blog post on our last release of prov

Changes to PROV-Dictionary XML schema

Changes to PROV-N grammar of PROV-Dictionary

Chaos ahead (for Europeans): DST starts the coming week-end in the US

congratulations to provenance working group

dc-prov note working draft staged

dublin core to prov blog post up

FAQ entry on influence/inform (ISSUE-592)

FAQ: "Can I infer Derivation from Usage and Generation?"

Feedback to the LC of the Organization Ontology from the Prov WG

Fwd: [IANA #660606] Request for MIME media type Text/Standards Tree - provenance-notation

Fwd: [Pubrules] HTML5 ok for Recommendations

Fwd: Fwd: [IANA #660606] Request for MIME media type Text/Standards Tree - provenance-notation

Fwd: Re: Publication request for 13 PROV Documents (March 12)

Fwd: Tracking media-type registration requests

Important: workplan till publication date

Internal Review Prov Dictionary

ISSUE-595: Prov-xml subtyping needs to be marked in the document

Minutes of 28 March 2013 Provenance Working Teleconference

minutes of today's provenance teleconference

new sotd paragraph and provbib.js

paq embedded provenance

Primer issue closed

Primer staged

Primer staged ready for review

Proposed response to PROV-AQ comments from James Anderson

Proposed response to PROV-AQ comments from James Anderson (updated)

Proposed timetable for PROV-AQ completion

PROV Dictionary

PROV-AQ blog post

PROV-AQ issues pending review

PROV-AQ response to Ivan's review

PROV-AQ responses to Dong's review

PROV-AQ responses to Luc's review

PROV-AQ responses to Simon's review

PROV-AQ responses to Stian's review (part 1)

PROV-AQ responses to Stian's review (part 2)

PROV-AQ responses to Tim's review

Prov-DC ready for review


PROV-implementations missing submissions!

PROV-ISSUE-579 (declarative-fol-specification): Suggestion to replace procedural specification with (equivalent, but shorter and less prescriptive) declarative theory in First-Order Logic [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-630 (prov-sem-fpwd-review): PROV-SEM review for FPWD [Formal Semantics]

PROV-ISSUE-635 (prov-sem-completeness): Completeness and scope of prov-sem [Formal Semantics]

PROV-ISSUE-636 (PROV-DC has provenance): Include has_provenance in PROV-DC

PROV-ISSUE-637 (resolve dct:references): Discuss dct:references [Mapping PROV-O to Dublin Core]

PROV-ISSUE-638 (TomDN): Notation of set of key-value pairs in contraints of PROV Dictionary [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-639 (TomDN): Notation of hadDictionaryMember [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-640 (TomDN): Namespace and prefix in PROV Dictionary [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-641 (TomDN): Should qualifiedInsertion/Removal imply qualifiedDerivation? [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-642 (TomDN): Include example of provenance of a dictionary in the document [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-643 (TomDN): Include additional constraint hadMember implies hadDictionaryMember with unknown key [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-644 (TomDN): (Editorial) Make sure production rules in grammar are regular text instead of CSS [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-645 (TomDN): Should we add a new constraint on EmptyCollection and Dictionary? [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-646 (TomDN): (Editorial) Layout of the document (and specifically Section 4) [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-647 (TomDN): Make prov:pariValue a subproperty of prov:entity? [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-648: Can schema be made a bit more jaxb friendly? [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-649: typo in alternateOf example. [PROV-O HTML]

PROV-ISSUE-650: dictionary insertion, with or without id/attrs? [PROV-DICTIONARY]

PROV-ISSUE-651: 3 comments on prov-o (wasDerived, wasAttrib, actedOnBehalf)

PROV-ISSUE-652 (final-revision-actions): Actions for final review period [Accessing and Querying Provenance]

PROV-ISSUE-653: typo in example [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-654 (primer-ducharme): Various clarifications and comments (Bob DuCharme) [Primer]

PROV-ISSUE-655 (overview-ducharme): Various comments on Overview from Bob DuCharme [PROV-OVERVIEW]

prov-links ready for review

prov-overview - call for suggestions

prov-wg Minutes of the Feb. 28, 2013 Telcon

prov-wg telcon - Important time change for Europeans (1 hour earlier!)

prov-wg Telcon Agenda March 14, 2013

prov-wg Telcon Agenda March 27, 2013

prov-wg Telcon Minutes March 14, 2013

prov-wg: core paq issues - please think/discuss before telcon

provenance working group teleconference agenda: March 21, 2013

Provenance Working Group Teleconference: Minutes of 07 March 2013

Requesting reviews of Provenance Access and Query document.

review of prov-xml

Semantics staged

staging: prov-aq, prov-xml and prov-overview

The wasQuotedFrom relationship

Three comments

today's call: scribe needed, please

typo in the #alternateOf example?

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