Re: staging: prov-aq, prov-xml and prov-overview

Issue 1:

All normative representations must validate as one of the following: HTML 4.x, or some version of XHTML or XHTML+RDFa that is a W3C Recommendation. HTML5 is also permitted with the following limitations:
HTML5 is not yet permitted for Recommendations.
Inline markup for SVG 1.1 or MathML 2.0 is permitted but only with a (fallback) alternative.
If the HTML5 validator issues content warnings, the publication request must include rationale why the warning is not problematic.
Note: Please consider how your content will render in browsers that do not support HTML5.
Error The W3C Markup Validation Service was used for the validation of this document.

When I staged PROV-XML last time I had to update the generated doctype to the following to get it to comply with pubrules.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD XHTML+RDFa 1.0//EN' ''>

The pubrules doc actually states that non-recommendation documents are allowed to have HTML5 doctype, but still generates an error for notes when the doctype is HTML5.  :-(

Since we aren't using RDFa currently I suggest we update the doctype to the following in the staged document.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN' ''>

I will make the change.

Issue 2:

Every marked-up section and subsection of the document must have a target anchor. A section is identified by a heading element (h1-h6). The anchor may be specified using an id (or name if an a element is used) attribute on any of the following: the heading element itself, the parent div or section element of the heading element (where the heading element is the first child of the div or section), a descendant of the heading element, or an a immediately preceding the heading element.
Error, heading(s) found without a target anchor (specified using one of the allowed techniques): 
h2: A. XML Schema

Hmm, this looks like it should validate correctly.

This is the offending markup

<section class="appendix" id="prov-xml-schema"> 
<!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">A. </span>XML Schema</h2>

There is an "id" on the section and it is immediately followed by a heading element.

I will remove the comment and see if that results in compliance.


On Mar 4, 2013, at 8:00 AM, Luc Moreau <> wrote:

> Hi Curt,
> It fails pubrules compliance. Can you investigate?
> Luc
> On 03/04/2013 02:01 PM, Curt Tilmes wrote:
>> On 03/04/2013 08:17 AM, Curt Tilmes wrote:
>>> On 03/04/2013 05:54 AM, Luc Moreau wrote:
>>>> We are missing 3 staged documents prov-aq, prov-xml and prov-overview.
>>>> I am planning to email the publication request to the web master
>>>> tomorrow night, but as I am away all day tomorrow,
>>>> I won't be able to do the necessary checks tomorrow. Can you stage your
>>>> documents
>>>> today and update the following page accordingly?
>>> I haven't heard from Stephan -- I'll give it a shot.  I see what you've
>>> done with phantomjs in the model Makefile, but I'm not sure the exact
>>> state of respec with the latest PROV-XML.  I'll try to do it, then you
>>> can look it over and make sure I didn't break anything.
>> Ok, I think I've got it staged here:
>> I also updated the references to change all the "normative" ones
>> to "informative" since this is a note.
>> I added the links to the publication request.
>> Curt
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