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[ACTION-230] ITS 2.0 Test suite on github Leroy Finn (Friday, 28 September)

[All] f2f wrap up (part 2) Felix Sasaki (Friday, 28 September)

[All] Prague and next call Monday 3 p.m. UTC, plus editing call Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 27 September)

tool info proposal Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 26 September)

[all] [Action-215] Public XLIFF TC info-session will take place Oct 15 afternoon at MSFT campus Dr. David Filip (Wednesday, 26 September)

Fwd: Separate features or not? API for Media Resources 1.0 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 26 September)

[ISSUE-42] tool reference Yves Savourel (Wednesday, 26 September)

Okapi Presentation slides Yves Savourel (Tuesday, 25 September)

MS Translator API Jan Nelson (Tuesday, 25 September)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-52 (Domain in HTML5): Domain in HTML5 [MLW-LT Standard Draft] MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Sunday, 23 September)

AUTO: CN=Phil Ritchie/O=VISTATEC is out of the office. (returning 27/09/2012) Phil Ritchie (Friday, 21 September)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-51 (too-many-global-rules): There are too many pointer attributes and global rules in general [MLW-LT Standard Draft] MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 21 September)

Tool info specification (Re: action-221 summary of overriding discussion) Felix Sasaki (Friday, 21 September)

[All] Prague agenda change proposal Felix Sasaki (Friday, 21 September)

[ISSUE-22] Provenance Revision Agent Dave Lewis (Friday, 21 September)

[All] Prague prep, action item timing Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 20 September)

[Minutes] MLW-LT call 2012-09-20 ... Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 20 September)

action-221 summary of overriding discussion Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 20 September)

action-207 feedback on test suite input and output Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 20 September)

"At Least 21 European Languages in Danger of Digital Extinction" - META-NET language white papers Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 20 September)

[All] Updated AGENDA MLW-LT 2012-09-20, 3 p.m. UTC Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 20 September)

action-180 html examples in the spec Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 20 September)

issue-47 and action-219 (html5 conformance clause) Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 19 September)

Last call for participation: MLODE - Multilingual Linked Open Data for Enterprises Sebastian Hellmann (Wednesday, 19 September)

More on HTML5 and XHTML5 integration Jirka Kosek (Wednesday, 19 September)

action-216 move tool specific mappings Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 19 September)

AGENDA MLW-LT 2012-09-20, 3 p.m. UTC Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 19 September)

issue-41 (mtconfidence), issue-42 (mtConfidence, textAnalysisAnnotation, quality) Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 18 September)

[ISSUES-33] Test Suite Design - PLEASE review and make test committments Dave Lewis (Tuesday, 18 September)

Re: [Issue-41][Action-195] Produce next draft of mtConfidence Dave Lewis (Tuesday, 18 September)

[Prague use cases / implementation session] Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 18 September)

Further input to issue-42 (Fwd: Meta Data related to Configurations for/Information on Linguistic Processors) Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 18 September)

[MLW-LT All] Prague agenda update, please review, plus to be closed issues Felix Sasaki (Monday, 17 September)

[ACTION-217] - StorageSize linebreaks Yves Savourel (Saturday, 15 September)

[All] MLW-LT minutes 2012-09-13 ... Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 13 September)

HTML5+ITS validator Jirka Kosek (Thursday, 13 September)

Wrong date: AGENDA MLW-LT 2012-09-13, *3 p.m. UTC* Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 12 September)

AGENDA MLW-LT 2012-09-12, *3 p.m. UTC* Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 12 September)

Renaming storageSizeEncoding to storageEncoding Jirka Kosek (Wednesday, 12 September)

[ANN] Semantic Web Journal: Special Issue on Multilingual Linked Open Data (MLOD) 2012 Sebastian Hellmann (Wednesday, 12 September)

[ACTION-145] Roundtrip use case demo documentation Dave Lewis (Tuesday, 11 September)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-50 (Dir in HTML5): The dir attribute in HTML5 does not have the same value as in ITS [MLW-LT Standard Draft] MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 11 September)

[All] preparation for Prague Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 11 September)

[All] Goals and timing for next ITS 2.0 publication Felix Sasaki (Sunday, 9 September)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-49 (moving mappings to ITS IG): Moving tool specific mappings out of the spec to ITS IG, for easy of updating [MLW-LT Standard Draft] MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Sunday, 9 September)

its:span and withinText Shaun McCance (Saturday, 8 September)

Schema refactoring Jirka Kosek (Friday, 7 September)

Re: [all] editorial review of section 1 of ITS sepc Aaron Beaton (Thursday, 6 September)

Feedback (Re: [all] Call for consensus on disambiguation [ACTION-181]) Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 6 September)

[all] AGENDA MLW-LT 2012-09-06 - NOTE NEW TIME Dave Lewis (Thursday, 6 September)

Prototype of simple tool for converting HTML5 into XHTML+ITS Jirka Kosek (Wednesday, 5 September)

Re: [All] new time for MLW-LT call - IMPORTANT Dave Lewis (Wednesday, 5 September)

[ISSUE-34] Informative annex for mapping tool-specific quality values Arle Lommel (Wednesday, 5 September)

[all] definition of identical selections Dave Lewis (Tuesday, 4 September)

Prague Phil Ritchie (Monday, 3 September)

[all] query in usage of 'elements within text' Dave Lewis (Monday, 3 September)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-48 (Storage Linebreaks): Original linebreak type for Storage Size [MLW-LT Standard Draft] MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 3 September)

[ACTION-214] Add allowed characters and stroage size to specification Yves Savourel (Sunday, 2 September)

[all] Please support the upcoming FEISGILTT event in social media Dr. David Filip (Saturday, 1 September)

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