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updated xmlns media feature Simon St.Laurent (Thursday, 28 February)

Interpretation of XML documents with mixed namespaces [mixedNamespaceMeaning-13] Tim Berners-Lee (Thursday, 28 February)

RE: Background information on GET and XForms (was: GET should be encouraged...) Micah Dubinko (Monday, 25 February)

Re: Background information on GET and XForms (was: GET should be enco uraged...) Chris Lilley (Sunday, 24 February)

[namespaceDocument-8] RDDL wishlist Jonathan Borden (Thursday, 21 February)

Re: Revised Internet-Draft: Media Feature - xmlns Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 20 February)

Re: "canonical" URIs Joseph Reagle (Tuesday, 19 February)

Intepretation: whenToUseGet-7 Paul Prescod (Tuesday, 19 February)

Namespace dispatching Paul Prescod (Tuesday, 19 February)

New question: distinguished status of http:? Graham Klyne (Tuesday, 19 February)

[namespaceDocument-8] 14 Theses, take 2 Tim Bray (Monday, 18 February)

[uriMediaType-9]: Draft Finding from 12th February F2F Meeting Williams, Stuart (Monday, 18 February)

Root Namespaces, 'document types' and XPaths Jonathan Borden (Monday, 18 February)

Possible Architectural issue with XHTML modularization? Tim Bray (Monday, 18 February)

[namespaceDocument-8] 14 Theses Tim Bray (Monday, 18 February)

PROPFIND disconnected from GET space? [whenToUseGet-7] Dan Connolly (Monday, 18 February)

Namespace and URIs Paul Prescod (Sunday, 17 February)

Request for Guidance on XML Encryption changing MedaTypes Joseph Reagle (Saturday, 16 February)

Issue for the tag? Brian McBride (Friday, 15 February)

Issue for the TAG Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 14 February)

Submission request: the PSVI needs open exposure Eric van der Vlist (Wednesday, 13 February)

Draft TAG response to as yet unnumbered Rick Jelliffe issue David Orchard (Wednesday, 13 February)

New Issue request for TAG: Where does XML fit into the Web Architecture Rick Jelliffe (Tuesday, 12 February)

Minutes from 4 Feb 2002 TAG teleconference Ian B. Jacobs (Monday, 11 February)

Eastlake on Mime/URI Tim Bray (Monday, 11 February)

[uriMediaType-9] Identifying Content Classes in HTTP Using rdf:type Sean B. Palmer (Saturday, 9 February)

Proposed Issue: SOAP RPC and URIs Paul Prescod (Saturday, 9 February)

RE: Request for Architects [slightly off topic] Paul Cotton (Friday, 8 February)

XML-SW, a thought experiment Tim Bray (Thursday, 7 February)

Packaging (was namespaces and MIME types) Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 6 February)

[uriMediaType-9] Why does the Web use mime types and not URIs? Ian B. Jacobs (Tuesday, 5 February)

[namespaceDocument-8] What should a "namespace document" look like? Ian B. Jacobs (Tuesday, 5 February)

customMediaType-2: RFC 3023 flawed? Tim Bray (Tuesday, 5 February)

RE: Issue request for the TAG: XForms Art.Barstow@nokia.com (Monday, 4 February)

"charset" is not generic to all media types [nsMediaType-3] Dan Connolly (Monday, 4 February)

Slight architectural discrepancy between XMl 1.0 & the infoset Tim Bray (Friday, 1 February)

Re: Comments on the architecture doc Tim Berners-Lee (Saturday, 2 February)

Re: Resource discovery: limits of URIs Tim Berners-Lee (Friday, 1 February)

Re: [nsMediaType-3] Principles and corner cases MURATA Makoto (Friday, 1 February)

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