Re: [namespaceDocument-8] Proposal: "Namespace Document" = RDF

On 2002-02-28 4:48, "ext Tim Berners-Lee" <> wrote:

>> Later, in the future, when such RDF knowledge can be retrieved by
>> means other than from namespace documents and HTTP, such as via global,
>> distributed knowledge registries, and thus not bound to the use of http:
>> URLs, the need for such "namespace documents" would dissappear, and
>> also all benefit of using http: URLs as namespace URIs -- yet
>> applications would already be used to working with such generalized
>> knowledge and how it is obtained would remain a triviality.
> Still, even though http may morph into new ans splendid forms, the namespace
> document
> as the result of dereferencing the namespace URI would be special
> because it would be publsihed by the owner of that URI and say what thay
> owner meant.
> Even if the semntic web version of google actually supplied you the answers
> in practice.

Quite right. The namespace document would still have special
significance as that specific body of knowledge asserted as
relevant by the namespace "owner". I agree. But also, we would
concievably have many sources of namespace relevant knowledge,
and would not remain bound solely to the namespace document for



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