Re: Possible Architectural issue with XHTML modularization?

Tim Bray wrote:


I just looked at the XHTML modularization rec, and it doesn't
seem to say much about namespaces, except that if you put in
new stuff, it has to be in a non-XHTML namespace - perfectly
sensible.  But the top-level namespace is still that of XHTML
I gather?  Modularization is signaled using the public
identifier in the DOCTYPE declaration; see section 3.6 of

I'm not sure what I think, but it does feel relevant to
our recent discussions. -Tim


Yes it does. More reason why the top level _set_ of namespace declarations,
alternatively a particular XPath pattern, are better indications of how a
document is intended to be processed than the root element _qualifying_
namespace alone.


Received on Monday, 18 February 2002 11:02:12 UTC