RE: Proposed Issue: SOAP RPC and URIs

Have you brought up this issue with the XML Protocol WG which is
responsible for the SOAP 1.2 specification?  If not then why are you
bringing this to the TAG first?  

If you have brought it up with the responsible WG then I think it is
appropriate that you provide the TAG with pointers to the issue, its
discussion and resolution so that the TAG does not have to do this
research itself.


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> Subject: Proposed Issue: SOAP RPC and URIs
> I would like to raise the issue of what is the appropriate
> between SOAP RPC and the web's reliance on URIs. In particular, what
> best practices for putting information in SOAP RPC parameters versus
> the endpoint URI. If the TAG considers it important I would like to
> a canonical answer that could be added to the SOAP specification.
>  Paul Prescod

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