Re: Submission request: the PSVI needs open exposure

Paul Cotton wrote:
>>I think therefore that it is very necessary to define both an API to
>>expose the PSVI and a simple XML serialization format wich would allow
>>to work on the PSVI with the current toolbox.
> Have you brought up this issue with the XML Schema WG and/or DOM WG
> which are responsible for the PSVI technical specification and the DOM
> API, respectively?  If not then why are you bringing this to the TAG
> first?

I have thought that this kind of issue which doesn't seem to belong to 
any WG but is at the frontier between different groups (there are at 
least 4 groups which IMO could feel concerned -namely W3C XML Schema, 
DOM, XPath/XSLT and XQuery) would be better handled by the TAG.

Sorry if this is pure ignorance of the W3C policies and usages on my 
side and a waste of your time!

> If you have brought it up with the responsible WGs then I think it is
> appropriate that you provide the TAG with pointers to the issue(s), its
> discussion and resolution so that the TAG does not have to do this
> research itself.

I have not formally submitted the issue to the WGs but have asked the 
question during the schemas town meeting in Orlando and it has been 
discussed at several occasions on XML-Dev. See for instance the threads:

> Please note that the XML Schema public home page Resources section [1]
> includes a reference to work on a PSVI serialization format [2].

Yes, but as far as I know this is a non official work.



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