Re: PIs considered harmful Was: XML-SW, a thought experiment

[talking about validating PIs]

Elliotte Rusty Harold said:
> There can be more than one schema for a document. There can be more
> than one validation layer. There is more than one schema language.

I know.  But one of the main arguments *for* PIs was that adding new
"normal" elements to an XML document would break schemas, hence we need
out-of-band instructions, etc.  Your statement above implicitly dismisses
this argument, and hence seems to be a vote against the need for PIs.  Or
am I misinterpreting?

My point:  you can't have it both ways.  Either PIs are out-of-band, and
not part of the main document's schema (what the original proponents
wanted, I believe), or they are validated by the schema, in which case we
might as well use normal elements.

        -- P.

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