RE: Namespace dispatching

At 00:53 2002 02 21 +0100, Jacek Kopecky wrote:
> Julian, 
> same way:
> a) if we expect that every XHTML processor will handle XInclude, 
>it's easily an XHTML document and no change need be done.

I imagine XInclude as a separate processor, but XHTML could define
a specific processing model that includes a description of how to
handle XInclude.

> b) if we expect that there will be a special XInclude processor 
>preceding the XHTML processor, the document should be wrapped in 
>an element like xincl:includer. This element would be removed 
>(its contents being moved up one level) after processing by the 
>XInclude processor. 

I don't think you can require a wrapper element in general.  That
is certainly not any kind of requirement expected by Xinclude.

> There may be practical problems with nesting the tools
>(XInclude, XSLT, encryptions etc. come to mind) but I think these
>practical problems would ultimately be the result of the complex 
>design of the particular application.

Yes, "nesting tools" is a complicated issue.  We had an XML Processing
Model workshop on this almost a year ago, and the issue is still open.


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