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> Tim Bray wrote:
>> At 08:14 AM 21/02/02 -0500, Jonathan Borden wrote:
>>> Patrick Sticker wrote:
>>>> 1. I want to be able to use any URI whatsoever to name each
>>>> RDDL resource. Not an ID. Not an http: href/URL. Any URI.
>>>> Something equivalent to rdf:about.
>>> This is an interesting question: should a namespace document be able to
> make
>>> statements about URIs not within the namespace?
>> Can you guys try again?  I'm missing the point.  The RDDL idea is
>> you dereference a namespace URI to get a resource that contains
>> description of the namespace as a whole, plus descriptions of
>> useful resources each xlinked to the resource itself.  The
>> linked-to resources can have any old kind of URI you want...
>> what am I missing? -Tim
> Back to the model of a namespace. A namespace as a space is a box drawn
> around a set of resources. Each resource has its own URI reference, e.g.
> suppose the namespace name:
> the names 'contained' by the namespace each have names "foo" "bar" "baz"
> which form the URI references:
> These URIs themselves identify "resources" (or "subresources" according to
> The "references resources" are linked to each of these resources which are
> contained by the namespace, not the namespace itself (which is a space).
> The referenced resources are not directly contained by the namespace.

And to provide an additional example, say I have some resource
denoted by the URI urn:foo:123456 which is in some way related to
the namespace in question (perhaps it uses vocabulary terms grounded
in that namespace).

One should be able to include descriptions of any "namespace related"
resource in the namespace document. The resource identity itself need
not equate to, or be a fragment of the namespace URI.

So I need to be able to use any arbitrary URI to identify resources
in a RDDL instance.


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