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Social Net / Webmail Convergence Melvin Carvalho (Friday, 31 July)

working on a distributed social networking protocol (DSNP) Adrian Thurston (Thursday, 30 July)

Use Case and Functionality Matrix Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 29 July)

Apologies Mischa@Garlik (Wednesday, 29 July)

People will be able to control and federate their own data Karl Dubost (Wednesday, 29 July)

Agenda: Social Web XG Telecon July 29th 13:00-15:00Z Harry Halpin (Tuesday, 28 July)

Some thoughts on future of Social Web XG Harry Halpin (Tuesday, 28 July)

Strategic Social Tim Anglade (Tuesday, 28 July)

Next Telecon: Finishing Up Actions Harry Halpin (Tuesday, 28 July)

some Identity and Social Networking links Henry Story (Monday, 27 July)

Death and Berevement Phil Archer (Sunday, 26 July)

15 Top Privacy Policies, Analyzed Melvin Carvalho (Friday, 24 July)

[ACTION-60] Dave Raggett Booked for September 16th Phil Archer (Wednesday, 22 July)

Minutes 22 July 2009 Phil Archer (Wednesday, 22 July)

Social Web Meeting July 22nd 13:00Z Harry Halpin (Wednesday, 22 July)

Second CfP: 2nd international workshop on Social Data on the Web (SDoW2009), colocated with ISWC2009 Alexandre Passant (Wednesday, 22 July)

slides for July 22 conference call Christine Perey (Wednesday, 22 July)

Social Web and Business: Effects of Social Engagement on Financial Performance Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 21 July)

[Barcamp][Shameless Plug] SocialWebCamp in Paris on September 19 Tim Anglade (Monday, 20 July)

Social Network Metrics (reading for July 22 meeting) Christine Perey (Monday, 20 July)

Re: Social Browsing Possibilities Melvin Carvalho (Saturday, 18 July)

Meeting Minutes for July 15th Social Web XG Telecon Harry Halpin (Wednesday, 15 July)

User Stories "pre-conditions" profiles Christine Perey (Wednesday, 15 July)

Regrets for July 15 Alexandre Passant (Wednesday, 15 July)

Matt Womer (W3C) to join Social Web XG call - volunteers for writing up? Harry Halpin (Wednesday, 15 July)

Agenda: Social Web XG Meeting July 15th Harry Halpin (Tuesday, 14 July)

Meeting Minutes July 8th Social Web Incubator Group Harry Halpin (Tuesday, 14 July)

Re: List of Social Networking Sites from Alexa Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 14 July)

politics (Iran) and social media Amy van der Hiel (Monday, 13 July)

Chinese gov blocks Facebook and Twitter Jonsson, Håkan 1 (Monday, 13 July)

FYI: Blog post about Web of Identities Alex Korth (Sunday, 12 July)

Re: Template for editing user stories and XG deliverables Karl Dubost (Sunday, 12 July)

Social Web Reference Papers (Historic) Melvin Carvalho (Friday, 10 July) data ownership lawsuit Dan Brickley (Friday, 10 July)

Identifying the Problems Addressed by the User Stories Oshani Seneviratne (Friday, 10 July)

Confirmed Invited Speaker: Ros Lawler of Random House Phil Archer (Thursday, 9 July)

Breaches of Privacy are what will drive change Christine Perey (Thursday, 9 July)

Final Report Outline Boyet, Adam C (Wednesday, 8 July)

Fwd: Geolocation Last Call Harry Halpin (Wednesday, 8 July)

ACTION [DONE]: bblfish and hhalpin to write up kaliya's talk for future report Harry Halpin (Wednesday, 8 July)

Regrets for 08/07/2009 Tim Anglade (Wednesday, 8 July)

Facebook Privacy Announcement? Christine Perey (Wednesday, 8 July)

Agenda for Social Web XG Telecon: July 8th 2009 13:00-15:00Z Harry Halpin (Tuesday, 7 July)

Social Data Cloud for Business Data-Sharing among major social networking sites Harry Halpin (Tuesday, 7 July)

Minutes for Social Web XG July 7th 2009 Harry Halpin (Tuesday, 7 July)

Facebook usage statistics by population - Iceland now has highest Facebook penetration Sören Preibusch (Friday, 3 July)

Social Network Usage Stats by Country Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 2 July)

Privacy Jungle (cont) Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 2 July)

ISSUE-1 (tpa): to look for similar use cases lists to expand ours Social Web Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 1 July)

ACTION [COMPLETED]: Create draft use-case document in W3C CVS Harry Halpin (Wednesday, 1 July)

SWXG topic 5 of today's meeting agenda and CONTINUING ACTIONs: Top Social Networking services and Matrix Christine Perey (Wednesday, 1 July)

Re: Online Meeting for the Portability and Distributed Architecture Task Force Peter Ferne (Wednesday, 1 July)

ACTION [COMPLETED] W3C-style "edit" user stories on Tim Anglade (Wednesday, 1 July)

Invited Speakers: Topic # 4 of July 1 meeting agenda Christine Perey (Wednesday, 1 July)

Weekly Agenda for Wed July 1st SWXG Meeting 13:00-15:00Z Harry Halpin (Wednesday, 1 July)

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