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Hi all,

I finally finished the first round of editing on the user stories page  

All stories are now formatted according to the template, even though  
there are quite a few holes I couldn't fill myself. I'd invite every  
person who contributed a story to go back to the wiki and enter the  
info I couldn't.

As detailed on the conf call two weeks ago, I standardized a list of  
characters for reuse across stories, including some that I think it'd  
be useful to see in some more stories (Kurt the boss, Laura the  
exchange student, etc.)

Finally, I added the seed of a lexicon at the top, even though I doubt  
a lexicon would apply to the user stories alone. Any ideas as to where  
I could fine a good existing dictionary of social networks terms or  
what would be the best way for us to start one if there is none  



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